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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Use Unicode Map, the most powerful unicode tool in AppStore, to browse, copy, export all characters and glyphs in Unicode 5.2.

You can search in all Unicode characters by text, name, hexadecimal code point, or smart search.
Browsing the regions and languages to see characters in the different languages.
In character view, the glyph of selected character will be showed in
Bitmap and Font. Other information include Block and Character
names and encodings of the character.
Clipboard view allow you export text and images of selected characters into
system clipboard or photo album.

The App can download glyph on demand when you browse the characters, or automatically download all glyphs from Internet if you set it up in preferences.

Notes: The full size of all character glyph bitmaps will quite large.
Unicode Map Manual
1. Tab Bar
Five tabs allow you to browse and search unicode database in different ways, copy characters' texts and glyph images, and adjust the way you using this app.
2. Browsing Tabs
The first three tabs, Blocks Tab, Regions Tab, and Search Tab are used to browse and search unicode characters.
3. Character View
Whatever browsing tab you are using, your purpose is to see the characters. Once you tap on a character in the table, its information will be showed in character view.
In this view, the glyph of the selected character will be showed in bitmap and in font. Other information including Block and Character names and encodings of the character.
4. Clipboard Tab
Clipboard tab show the characters' texts and glyphs you have copied when browsing, and allow you export the content of clipboard into system clipboard or photo album.
4.1 Copy Character
When you are browing characters, there are two buttons beside the glyphs of character. Pressing the button will append the bitmap or text to internal clipboard of image and text.

4.2 Export Copied Content
When you switch to clipboard view, the internal clipboard's content will be showed in the tab.
Tap on the Export button, the copied text will be transfered into system clipboard and you can paste them into any App.
For image there are more options on how to export:
You can choose to export images in two modes, "Multi" and "One". "Multi" mode will keep glyph of each character you copied as a separate image, and "One" mode will combine all characters into one image.
The exporting destination has also two choices, system clipboard and photo album.
NOTES: If you choose to export to clipboard in "Multi" mode, some apps (such as Messages) may only be able to paste only the first image into themselves.
5. Preferences Tab
Prefrences tab has four sections.
5.1 Glyph Download Settings
This section has three setting items:
* Download Glyph: This setting is about if you allow Unicode Map to download the glyph images from Internet. If you set this to OFF, you will not be able to see and utilize the bitmap glyph of character. Default is ON.
* Auto Download: If you enable this, the App will automatically download all the glyph images in background. This will not interfere the downloading of glyph you are viewing, glyphs to be showed when browsing characters will be downloaded on demand.
* Warn When Fail: As the title. When your Internet connection is not available and downloading fails, an alert will pop up if this is set to ON.
5.2 Glyph Managing
This section will navigate to a file managing view shows all image files you have downloaded:
The buttons on the bottom toolbar are:
* Batch Download Glyphs
* Download One Glyph File (by plane name)
* Refresh File List
* Delete Files
5.3 Search Settings
* Ignore Case: Search text case-insensitively.
* Search When Typing: The search result be updated while you input the search criteria. Suggest OFF.

* Add Searching by UTF-8
* Hints for searching
* Disable "Search when Typing" for smart and name search for performance enhancement
* Bug fix
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