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Problem: How many times have you called a timeout, designed a play for your team, only to have them run it incorrectly?
Solution: Moving pictures drawn by you that can be played back instantaneously in real time.

Problem: You call a timeout. 30 seconds goes by like it was 3. The referee yells at you for the third time to get your players on the floor. The horn sounds…again. You need more time!
Solution: An iPad application that puts 5 players on the board as fast as you can tap your finger and then lets you move the players faster than any pen or whiteboard allows you too. AND, there is no erasing. Hit 1 button, WHAM! New Clean Board! If you want the players to be at the original starting position, hit the RESET button, and all 5 are automatically at their starting position in less than 1 second!

Problem: Keeping players confident.
Solution: What if you could draw up a play and your players could hear the sneakers squeaking and at the end of the play, you hear a “swish” and the crowd cheers? (Think that’s an important sound for them to hear as they break the huddle before a last second shot?)

Actual quotes from pro, college and high school and middle school coaches:

1) Multiple Markings that that get confusing
"After 20 seconds, the whole thing looks like spaghetti to our players.”
2) Have to show the play more than once
"In our pro set, the motion offense gets complicated. Players move to a number of different locations. There has to be a better way for them to learn the offense.”
3) Time
"It's all about speed! If I could get my point across quicker and not confuse them to where they execute better, it would make my job easier… Heck, it would help me KEEP my job. ”
4) Getting their attention
"It's harder for us to keep their attention than in college and pro’s. We need something they can identify with that helps them learn and remember."
5) The WOW Factor!!!
"One of our jobs as a coach is to make a connection with these kids. They already think we’re from the Stone Age! Having technology to bridge the gap has been more powerful than anything I’ve ever thought possible. Within moments of using this in the first game, the ENTIRE school knew about it. You would of thought I just invented the light bulb!”

With this application, we’ve solved all these problems (and more!) and brought a new teaching methodology to the sidelines. We’ve thrown your whiteboard and marker away and replaced it with your finger and your iPad. Quick and painless!

On either a full-court or half-court screen and with a simple tap of your finger, you can place all players and the ball exactly where you want them. To move them, simply drag players where you want them to go and a line will follow to show their progress. As you explain to your players how and where to position themselves, they’ll see themselves on the court right in front of their eyes!

Players are represented as either X’s and O’s or #’s (1-5) and you can have 1-5 players from each team at any time on the court. You have the ability to save the play you just drew up into your playbook or immediately play it back in front of your team. Call the play whatever you want within your playbook for playback later.

Technology is bringing a new face to athletics and Courtside Technology is just the beginning. This is the perfect application for coaches and players of all levels and skills.

1. Place players (X and O/1-5) and ball
2. Move your players where desired
3. Draw lines using your finger
4. Half and full court mode
5. “Reset” players where you originally placed them to easily start drawing a play over
6. Save unlimited plays to customizable playbooks
7. Playback function allows you to watch the play you just drew up
8. Audio clips of on-court sounds enhance playback function
9. Ability to add a custom image to center court

Fixes a multi-touch issue that allowed errant lines to appear when accidentally touching the screen while drawing.
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