Upbeat Workouts for Runners

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Match your walking or running steps to your music - automatically. Music from your playlist synchs with your steps, hands-free. You run to your music library - we don't sell music. Rather, we support your running with world-class coaches and free or fee based workouts. Stride-matched to the beat of the music running will make you a better runner and improve your endurance.

UpBeat was created by Sally Edwards, author of the just-released book Be a Better Runner and recent inductee into the Triathlon Hall of Fame. The UpBeat app motivates you to run/walk longer and faster. UpBeat Workouts is like having a personal DJ who spins your favorite tunes in time with your steps in perfect cadence. Make your run/walk even dance workout more enjoyable and the time just flies by.

Choose between two types of UpBeat Workouts, "Just Go" or "Coached Workouts". For "Just Go" you start running or walking and within a few steps your songs from your playlist will be matched to your stride automatically. Or, you can select "Hold At" and set a fixed cadence and the app chooses the music that matches the strides-per-minute that you select. Next, try "Coached Workouts" and enjoy the guidance of your own personal coach motivating and leading you through workouts like Coach Sally's "Tempo Time" or Coach Bob's "LSD Surprise". Go to the red button in Coached Workouts that reads "Buy Workouts" and there are more free workouts for you to try. Or, you can purchase additional "Coached Workouts" as an in-app purchase for only 99 cents.

How does the app work? Our server has 10 million songs with BPM data and we provide you with BPM for all of your songs in your library. Then, the app calculates your current steps-per-minute and matches the two. Pick up your running tempo and a faster song will begin to play, slow down and the song tempo changes. The workout is so much easier with synchronization of BPM (beats per minute) with SPM (strides per minute) allowing you to get fitter a whole lot faster and attain your personal goals.

Become a better runner or walker with UpBeat Workouts right now and snag a couple of extra "Coached Workouts" at the same time. If you want motivation and a great run/walk experience like most of us do, then buy this app.

* Product support is available on our website (www.UpbeatWorkouts.com) and by phone at 916.481.7283 ext 112. Office hours: 10-4:00 pm PST.

* When you first open (and never again) you must have a 3G or wifi connection. That's because Upbeat needs to load the beats per minute data into your iPhone or iPod touch so it can match strides and music tempo - this is required for your first time run and is never required again unless you delete and re-install UpBeat.

* We highly recommend an armband, even on a treadmill, for the most accurate strides-per-minute detection from the device's accelerometer. Hey, don't just let the device flop around in your pocket or in a waist pack - it won't work as well because it can't get monitor your cadence accurately if you do.

* Additional coached workouts are available as an in-app purchase for 99 cents each, just like a song. All workouts are a fund raiser for different charities chosen by the coach like Positive Coaching Alliance and Fit for Girls.

v1.7 update to work with iOS 10 and performance issues.
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