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開発者Shoebox Apps Inc.
リリース日2010-06-27 10:05:07
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"Join The Call is a simple tool – while it seemingly only does one thing, schedules and maintains a record of upcoming and past Conference Calls, this is an incredibly useful tool for people who need it. It does it well, and without being complicated or difficult."

***Check out our website for more details or to ask a question.***

Join The Call helps you create, manage and join all of your conference calls. Create scheduled conference calls as well as favorite items that you use frequently. Send conference call information to others in an email or text message.

Create conference calls with conference codes that include the star '*' or pound '#' characters! This allows you to create conference calls that you can join without needing to enter these characters manually.

Do you find it difficult to memorize phone numbers + long conference codes that you receive in a calendar invite or email?
Are you the leader of a conference call with an additional leader code?
Do you find yourself needing to write down all of the conference call information just to join the call?

★No need to memorize calendar invite details!
★No need to write down the conference call information on paper!

Take a screen shot of the calendar invite or email and use it with Join The Call's ‘Load Screen Shot’ feature for easy event creation.

Do you have an iPad or iPod Touch? You can use Join The Call to create, manage and email your conference calls to others. A must have for administrative assistants!

- Schedule events to make it easy to join from the road or office
- Save frequent or recurring events as favorites
- Duplicate (copy) feature for often used events
- Use star '*' or pound '#' characters in your conference or leader codes
- Email or text message events to others -- If they have Join The Call they can import the event right into their device
- Use screen shots of calendar invites or emails for easy event creation
- Keep a history of your scheduled events to refer to or reuse again
- Search through all of your events by title, note or phone number

What Join The Call DOESN'T do:
- It doesn't integrate with the iPhones' calendar app as there isn't a standard meeting request format so there is no way to figure out which numbers are conference phone number vs conference codes vs other phone numbers vs zip codes, etc. So, open your meeting event, take a screen shot then use Join The Call to manage that call.
- It can't directly dial ANY phone + conference call code that includes '*' or '#' because Apple doesn't allow third party apps to do this. The thought is that a third party app could dial phone numbers and using codes charge your phone account without your permission. HOWEVER, if you don't use '*' or '#' in your conference code you CAN dial directly from this app. You may need to push the special digits yourself. Make it easy on yourself, read the help to understand how to use Join The Call with special digits. It is super easy, fast and safer when it's time to join your conference call!

If you have a question, please visit our web site and submit it before you purchase.

1.70 - Updated to support iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Bug fixes.

Please, if you have a question about this app visit our web site and submit a question before you purchase.

If you have an issue please submit a support ticket on our web site before you give negative feedback via iTunes. We prefer happy customers.

We use Join The Call everyday ourselves - it works! This is the fastest, most convent way to manage and join conference calls using an iPhone - period.


1.62 - iOS 5 Checked and tested


1.61 - iOS 4.2 Checked and tested


1.6 - Added features
★ US based phone number formatting ex: (555) 555-1234
★ support for Email & Text - shorten the long URLs
-You can optionally use your own API key in Settings
★ Added Support/Review/Website buttons on About Tab
★ Included Review popup after 5 uses
★ Bug fixes

Thank you for purchasing Join The Call!

If you have a feature request or an issue please use our support page to let us know how we can improve Join The Call for you.

Follow us on Twitter:
@ShoeboxApps ( )


1.51 - Bug fix
Fixed Date and Time timezone issue on iOS 4 devices.


1.5 - Large update!
★ Added the ability to duplicate (copy) an event. Keep often used events in the Favorites or General tab and duplicate them for a new Scheduled event. You can duplicate any event in any tab!

★ iPhone 4 Retina graphics supported
★ Optimized code
★ Bug fixes
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更新日時:2021年9月18日 12時39分




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