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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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BookLover is a favorite with people who love to read and share their favorite books with friends. Quickly scan your most-loved books into BookLover to readily remember them, and have a safe place to jot down the books you want to read... and easily share your recommendations with your friends by Twitter, Facebook or email.

Got a book or two on the go? Add it a "Reading" shelf and quickly and easily take notes as you go, bookmark your current page and share what you're reading with your book-loving friends.

Hear of a book you want to read? BookLover is a handy place to jot it down. Quickly capture the name of the book from a friend, TV show or newspaper review and add it to your "Wishlist" shelf. Next time you're at the bookstore, refer to BookLover to remember all those great tips you've picked up lately.

People who love reading love to share the books they enjoy. BookLover gives you a handy place to save the names and authors of your favorite books, along with your notes on the book and a star rating. With a list of the books you love at your fingertips, you can easily share your favorite books with your friends, on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

BookLover is a beautifully designed application that's smart enough to keep even the most active bookworm organized. Each book is represented by a cover, which you can choose or let BookLover try to find for you. Save information on the books you're reading, want to read and your favorite books on BookLover's shelves, and organize your books by dragging them and dropping them between the shelves.

BookLover has some powerful smarts behind it too - it tries to find information on your books for you, often finding missing author information or a synopsis of your book. It can also recommend other books you might like to try - giving you suggestions based on the authors works.

Features In Full
• Save the books you're reading, loved to read, or want to read
• Scan the book's barcode for really fast entry
• Take and save notes on your books - for your book club discussion, or just to remember who's got your copy!
• View cover art thumbnails of your books
• Organize your books on custom shelves - and drag and drop them to re-arrange
• Share your book recommendations - on Twitter, Facebook or by email
• Get a synopsis for the books on your shelves
• Get tips on other books to read

NEW: BookLover use's iCloud technology between your devices, so you can keep your book collection up-to-date. We're working on a Universal version with full iPad support!

Keep In Touch
We're really excited about BookLover, and would love to hear what you think - if you any questions, problems or suggestions for improvements - please don't hesitate to email - and if you like BookLover, please share the love - with your friends or an AppStore review!

Fixed some UI glitches in the iPhone version
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更新日時:2021年1月19日 13時29分




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