Quit Smoking !

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This App includes your own Personal Hypnosis Session, smoking cost calculator, reasons for smoking quiz, book with info, tips, tools and strategies to help you become a non-smoker.

The Advanced Hypnosis banishes cravings forever!

The amazing Hypnosis audio uses the latest psychological techniques to automatically help you feel more confident in yourself as you go all the way to achieve and reach your quitting smoking goal. It’s like having a one on one session with a hypnotherapist, every day without the cost or leaving the comfort of your own home. For just 16 relaxing minutes a day, you too can become a non-smoker.

As an ex-smoker myself, I remember all those times when I was 100% percent sure I'd never smoke ever again. Then just one slip and that was it! Time after time after time! I'm sure you have been there, thinking, well just one, it won't hurt.....
All the time and effort straight down the drain!

Time after time, but why?
Addictions work on a subconscious level which means that you have no control over them, it’s simply not your fault that you want another cigarette.

Remember that time when you were in the bar, your friends were having a cigarette then the little voice in your mind starts to make up reasons why you need that cigarette RIGHT NOW! and I'm sure that you know ex- smokers who still crave, want and desire cigarettes years after stopping smoking.

The difference between a non-smoker and an ex smoker is brutal. The truth is that a smoker who still desires a cigarette is an addict. The nagging desire for nicotine never goes away. That's why patches and gums don't work long term. They just replace the drug with a safer delivery mechanism.

Stop those nagging cravings for life – HOW?
Hypnosis kills the craving for good, by focusing in your subconscious, so that the chains are broken and the cravings are gone forever, making you a happy, healthy non-smoker rather than a bitter ex -smoker.
Hypnosis can be expensive. A single hypnotherapy session can cost from $100 - $ 250 per hour, but what if you need more, sure you want to commit right now to a happier, healthier you, now there is an answer.

The Quit Smoking for Life App
This advanced, sensory enhanced hypnosis session and book can be yours today on your iPhone/Touch/iPad App. Start to become a happy, healthy non-smoker in the comfort of your own home.

Success is closer than you realize. And, you should get very excited about all your past failures! Because, every failure you've experienced has been an important stepping stone that has led you right here...to this point of your life. And, it's all about to change for the better!
This App is a result of years of searching, studying, and scouring hundreds of products, courses, and seminars. And, of course, you only get what has been tried-and-tested by myself and many other individuals who have used it to create their own successes.

Everything is in plain English, so you can easily understand it, and put it to use right away.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get this app now to start claiming your health back...Optimized for all devices - iPhone/Touch AND iPad

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