Orienteering Compass

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リリース日2010-05-28 13:26:05
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Exact replica of a baseplate compass, both in 3D appearance & behavior

Orienteering Compass is an accurate, functional and reliable set of daytime and nighttime compasses, all impeccably executed. Originally inspired by the stringent requisites of the sport of orienteering, it neither calls for obscure setup nor GPS. Practical, featuring easy-to-read large crisp numbers, energy efficient(**), it is well suited to all outdoors activities such as backpacking, hiking, trekking and mountaineering.

Choose from multiple realistic views, including dynamic 3D shadows, and this elegant tool will behave just like an oil-bath mechanical compass equipped with a locking outer-ring…

(*) In daytime mode, move the phone and it's 3D shadows move with you.
(**) Designed to work without GPS and in Airplane Mode. Network connectivity required to change Magnetic Field Declination automatically, but that information can also be changed in the field by hand or keyboard input.

1.Outer-rim is a protractor that rotates just like baseplate compass
2.Protractor can be locked, and stays locked
3.Compass needle points to magnetic north, with responsive and smooth animation
4.Day and night views ; day views are 3D while night views glow-in-the-dark
5.Designed to perform accurately in airplane mode (with GPS disabled)
6.No cellular signal nor GPS signal required/needed
7.Precision optional rulers, graduated with 2.5 inches and 6 cm
8.No setting. Pick it up, it works
9.Magnetic Field Declination adjustments

Additional peace of mind: It has been tested for accuracy in Hawaii, the United Arab Emirates, the Black Rock Desert, Mauritius and Australia. Take it with confidence to the most remote places on Earth.

Orienteering Compass 2.1 works with more devices, more efficiently, and is even easier to read.

• the secondary motion sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) are no longer required. In their presence, Orienteering Compass sensitivity is automatically boosted to take full advantage of the power of your iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and latest iPad.

• get the most out of your compass, with the peace of mind that costly energy vampires, such as the GPS, can be turned off for normal operation. Orienteering Compass is designed to perform magnetic field declination correction in airplane mode. On only need the GPS when adjusting the declination, if you so decide to derive that information from your current location on planet Earth.

• When a magnetic field declination correction is applied to the compass needle (generally pointing to the True North), the correction is clearly displayed on the instrument, making it easy to locate the magnetic north.

Orienteering Compass 2.1 is the ideal companion to your next outdoor trip.
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