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Learn the Hindi language in Japanese, or test your Hindi knowledge with word games!

This application is like a travel phrase book, for Japanese speaking people who want to learn basic Hindi language. If you plan to travel to India for leisure or business, if you want to interact with Indian people or even if you want to watch BOLLYWOOD song and dance movies, this application can teach you the basic Hindi used in day to day life of a common Indian person.

This application includes images and sounds (Native Hindi speakers voice) which makes it easier to learn and pronounce Hindi words and sentences. This Application though giving an introduction to Hindi Script (a.k.a. Devnagari script) is not limited its knowledge & usage. All the vocabulary & the sentences are also given in Japanese script.

1) Lessons for basic Hindi categorized into Ten areas
Basic Greetings
Days and Months
Basic Numbers
Body Parts
Fruits and Vegetables
Road Signs
Most Populer Bollywood Dialogues

2) Pick up basic Conversation for various situations
This includes basic conversations like self introduction, shopping, taxi etc. These conversations are most useful in day to day life and can be learnt to understand not only words but sentence patterns as well.

3) Brush up your Hindi Vocabulary
This includes more than 125 basic Japanese - Hindi word pairs. Pairs can be added or deleted by the user based on his/her own needs and preferences.

4) Learn Mode & Game Mode Selection
In the Learn Mode you can go through the Hindi characters, words, phrases and listen to their native Hindi pronunciations. A Vocabulary list is also provided with search facility for quick reference. Also, you can add / delete the words in the list to customise the vocabulary to your choice.
The Game Mode includes test on randomly selections. 5 words or sentences based on the topic selected will be posed as questions with multi-choice answers. Play these word challenges & brush up the things learnt in the Learn mode. Incorrect answers are marked in red and correct answers in the green color.

Happy Hindi learning!!

- Entire app has been developed with new UI design.
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