Istanbul 05: LFC Glory

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Official iPhone App from Liverpool Football Club that celebrates the greatest football match ever played. With exclusive videos, match action, photos and interviews as well as the ‘We Won It Five Times’ chant, no LFC fan’s iPhone is complete without it.

‘Istanbul 05: LFC Glory’ is divided into four sections, each capturing the unforgettable highs and lows which shaped a night nobody connected with Liverpool FC will ever tire of hearing about.

Watch the fans in full voice in Taksim Square before the match, relive the goals and highlights from the Ataturk Stadium and watch an exclusive interview with manager Rafael Benitez as he reflected on the greatest night of his career from his office at Melwood.

On a rollercoaster ride of a night which captured every emotion it's possible for a football fan to experience, we've pictures from the game as agony quickly turned to ecstasy; we bring you the utter joy and manic on-pitch celebrations at the final whistle and we've special fans' galleries to capture the moods of supporters inside the stadium celebrating our greatest triumph and showing off the hundreds of inspired, witty and classic flags which helped turn Istanbul into a sea of red.

Everyone has a story to tell about their Istanbul experience and we've put together a selection of them for you to relive and enjoy. 'The Story of the Game' recaps the match action through the eyes of Rafa, Stevie, Carra and others; 'Rafa's team talk' gives the boss the chance to reveal what happened at half time to spark such a dramatic turnaround; 'What a Night' sees footballing greats such as Diego Maradona, Kenny Dalglish and many others of distinction recalling their own memories; 'I Feel Sick' is the hilarious tale of how the match was viewed through the eyes of Chelsea fans on an unofficial online message board and 'The Dudek Interview' is an exclusive chat with our penalty saving hero on the night.

It was a song which rang down from the Kop for months after our victory - and you can now listen to 'We've won it five times' again and again - and learn the full lyrics to the song which, for a while at least, ran 'You'll Never Walk Alone' close as our club anthem.

There's also a direct link to our Official Istanbul Facebook page, where you can add yourself as a fan and share your memories with fellow supporters from all over the world.

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