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iSpineOperations is an information resource for common spine surgery procedures. It is a presentation library of surgical visualizations, medical images and educational notes. Whilst this app is primarily for clinicians providing patient education, it can also be useful to anyone who wants to know more about spine surgery goals and techniques.

"Excellent App! - If you are a spinal surgeon this is a great app for you! I am a Neurosurgeon and Spine surgeon and have been using this app to help educate my patients. My patients love using the ipad to learn about their condition and what is involved in surgery." - Matt McDonald AUS

"Excellent App. …This easy to navigate interface allows access to a large number of animations simplifying the understanding of complex spinal procedures. I like that the videos are anatomically accurate. I use this app to show patients potential surgery. … The app appeals to patients with spinal disorders, and to residents, and physicians who deal with spinal patients. This app makes bedside consents far simpler." - Renodoc USA

"…I find this to be an invaluable tool for explaining surgery to my patients. It greatly speeds up the consent process, and patients really appreciate a simple visual medium to aid in their understanding of the proposed procedure. Well worth the money!" - PaulSpine AUS

"Great for spinal surgeons - Fantastic program to assist the practicing spinal surgeon with informed patient consent and pre and post operative explanation. Animations high quality and the surgery is factually correct but generic enough to be used by most surgeons despite individual technique variation…" - Micheal Falkenberg AUS

"Succinct, clear and easy to use. …Great demonstration of all surgical procedures and great tool in litigation." - Trial Law USA

"Brilliant. As a physiotherapist it provides my patients with a deeper understanding of the pathology. There is nothing that compares to this app, the animations are brilliant and the functional anatomy is a perfect clinical companion." - jla AUS

iSpineOperations provides accurate spine surgery goal & technique visualizations for informed consent and education. Medical imaging shows real world examples and educational notes cover the indications, alternatives, expectations and complications.

Topics include:
• Bone Graft Harvesting
 - anterior iliac crest cancellous chips/cancellous blocks/tricortical, posterior iliac crest cancellous/corticocancellous, fibula, rib
• Cervical Anterior Approaches
- anteromedial vertical, anterior transverse incisions
• Cervical Discectomy
- arthroplasty, posterior microdiscectomy
• Cervical Fusion
- atlanto-axial trans-articular screw fixation with and without guide, corpectomy with bone or cage, interbody fusion with cage, cage+plate, bone+plate, lateral mass screw fixation with and without laminectomy
• Cervical Decompression
- foraminotomy with and without burring, laminectomy, laminoplasty with bone or strut
• Lumbar Anterior Approaches
- flank, midline, paramedian, portal, thoracoabdominal, transverse
• Lumbar Fusion
- ALIF with bone+plate or cage, corpectomy with bone+plate, cage, cage+plate, pedicle screw fusion, PLIF with bone or cage, TLIF with bone or cage
• Lumbar Discectomy
- arthroplasty, portal discectomy, posterior discectomy
• Lumbar Decompression
- foraminotomy standard and extended, laminectomy

All content is kept with the device and iSpineOperations is still fully functional in environments without an internet connection.

This is the second app in a complement of spine apps which includes iSpineCare, iSpineOperations and iSpinePainManagement.

Fixes and Improvements
* Now compatible with modern devices and versions of iOS
* Fixed Page Control interactivity on portrait views of images
* Fixed Company links
* Many, many small fixes
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