Crossword Pro HD

価格 1000円
開発者Burda Social Brands GmbH
リリース日2010-05-17 16:00:00
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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750 challenging puzzles offer almost unlimited puzzle-solving pleasure.

The Crossword Pro HD App from the Burda publishing house in cooperation with Full House is a lovingly produced mobile version of the popular and classic crossword puzzle. The gameplay for this classic game has been optimized for interactive mobile use, providing you with hours of interactive puzzle fun.
No matter if you're on the train, on a plane, or in your dentist's waiting room: 750 puzzles for the iPad for on-the-go word-guessing fun are waiting to be solved. Test your knowledge over three vocabulary levels that vary the size and complexity of the required vocabulary.

The iPad app is available as a full version, with 750 puzzles to complete (£5.99/US$9.99).

The playing field can be easily zoomed to the desired size with a two-finger swipe. Of course, it’s up to you whether you prefer to tackle the puzzles on the iPad in portrait or landscape mode. A clear, unobtrusive color concept provides you with a quick visual grasp of the board and your progress. A percentage counter shows game progress, and matching sounds accompany your brainstorming. If you’re not sure how to proceed, the app can display individual letters, whole words, or even previous incorrect answers.

The Crossword Pro apps think with you as you play - the program automatically selects the most likely writing direction, and skips already completed letters. This gives you the perfect overview of your game.

You can look forward to hours of quick-witted fun, during which you’re not only honing your intellectual power, but also expanding your general knowledge!

• 750 exciting puzzles over three difficulty levels
• Scalable display, pleasing color scheme
• Vertical and horizontal puzzle view
• Full-screen view with keyboard
• Solution function for individual letters or whole words, error warnings
• Real-time storage of game progress, fastest time display
• Accompanying sound concept
• Free tryout version of the iPhone app, with in-app purchase option
• Larger playing field than the iPhone version
• Amazing playability
• We believe the iPad was made for crossword puzzles!

What the press has been saying:

If you love crossword puzzles, you’d be foolish to miss Crossword Pro ... Crossword Pro absolutely delivers what it promises: Crossword puzzles .. in a well-packaged application.

iOS4 Multitasking
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