Fuel Log 3 - The free Vehicle Cost and Trip Management

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開発者Olaf Greck
リリース日2010-05-14 07:54:45
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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Worried by the high gas prices? What MPG can your car really do? Want to track your milage?
Easily enter your trips and refills. Super easy to monitor vehicle usage and fuel costs.
This is the app you are looking for to track all your trips, all costs and all expenses. Download it now and see for yourself why so many users are happy users.

With the well designed statistics you can see more than only the consumption. Monitor where the mileage is going and see with easy how much you spend. Find out where you spend your money.

You can manage many vehicles. Manage your car, your motor bike, your truck. Set up your own maintenance schedules and get reminded when a service is due

Do you want more flexibility?

Each vehicle can have its own settings. Choose between:
+ Miles per Gallon
+ Liter per Kilometer. Liter per 100 Kilometer
+ Need electricity? Use KWh
Plus, for the foreign vehicle with foreign measures, you can "Mix Your Own Units" and see the statistics in numbers familiar to you.

• Track vehicle usage and fuel costs
• Statistics: see where the mileage is going
• Intuitive and easy entry of the refills: Just type the digits, we do the dots for you
• Found an old fuel receipt? Just insert it, the app will do the sorting for you
• Choose between Metric, Imperial and US Units
• Share your data

+ Add Categories and monitor all costs and maintenance
+ Trips to Work, Private trips, Customer Visits, holiday journeys
+ Get reminded when a service is due
+ Add Notes: Did you check the oil and the tires while at the pump? Add a note as a reminder for you
+ More sharing: Import an export by Mail, too.

Download Fuel Log 3 and see how much you spend.

Please update your reviews for the new version. Your excellent reviews enable us to keep the free updates coming!

User forum: http://fuellog.greck.eu/forum/

If you think the list of entries is not up to date, then pull down the list of entries until a spinner appears, then let got. All statistics will be recalculated.

- Filter the overview as you filter the statistics
- CategoryPack: Sold some parts, got some money from your car share? Use the new Income category

- CategoryPack: A shout out to all DIY experts: Did the maintenance yourself and did not have a cost? Now enter maintenance with cost zero
- ImportExportPack: Have a new vehicle as a CSV file? You can now do a local import without having to go through the internet. The GDrive import is gone. You still have the CSV export.
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