SYSTRAN Mobile Translator English-French

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開発者SYSTRAN Software
リリース日2010-08-17 06:47:23
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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SYSTRAN Mobile Translator for iPhone and iPad puts the power of automatic language translation in your hands. Or more to the point, in your iPhone and iPad!

Translate anytime anywhere!

Perfect for travelers or busy people on-the-go who need to communicate in another language or to understand foreign language information.
Instead of struggling to place your order with a waiter who only speaks French, translate in real time with SYSTRAN Mobile Translator, optimized for use on your iPhone or iPad!
You don’t have to wait long, rely on spotty Internet connectivity, or incur high roaming charges while traveling overseas.

Understand everything and communicate efficiently!

SYSTRAN Mobile Translator lets you translate full sentences, emails, and all texts between English and French.
Simply type your text in the appropriate field to translate instantly.
You can also copy and paste text from and to any application on your iPhone and iPad. That includes emails, texts, web pages, and more!

Best translation quality

Using the same translation technology chosen by Internet portals, government agencies, and corporations, SYSTRAN Mobile Translator delivers accurate and quality translations.

More language pairs to come

SYSTRAN Mobile for iPhone and iPad will soon support the most popular European language pairs including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian.


- Translate texts from any language
- Translation back and forth in just a click (reverse translation)
- Save and view past translations
- Highlight sentences during translation to align source and translated texts
- Highlight “not found words” to easily detect typos and names in the source language and correct, as needed


SYSTRAN is the market leading provider of language translation software products and solutions for the desktop, enterprise and Internet. Internet portals, many multinational corporations and US Government agencies use the same translation technology that powers SYSTRAN Mobile Translator for iPhone and iPad.
SYSTRAN is headquartered in Paris, France with a North American office located in San Diego, California, USA.
SYSTRAN (Code ISIN FR0004109197, Bloomberg: SYST NM, Reuters: SYTN.LN) is listed on EuroNext Paris, Compartiment C.
For more information, visit

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