Logic's Electronica Workflow Tricks

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3-Hours of Logic Pro Tutorial-Videos. Stream the HD version of this tutorial at: macProVIdeo.com

Legendary House Producer Olav Basoski is back with a new tutorial that provides a grab-bag of his favourite Logic production tips & tricks.

Olav Basoski is back with another blockbuster Logic tutorial featuring pro-level tips and tricks from a legend of Electronic music production.

In this tutorial you'll sit beside Olav as he shows you his most cherished Logic Pro workflow techniques. You'll learn deep secrets about the art of compression for Dance music, Using reverbs and other creative effects, creating perfect loops, and how to use side chains in DSP plugins.

Olav also shows some intense Logic trickery including bouncing files in place, tricks with the marquee tool, as well as burning and quantizing automation.

This is a deep tutorial full of hard-won tricks earned through experience in the studio. You could figure these things out for yourself with 10 or so years of practice, or you can learn them today by watching Olav Basoski show you how it's done.

But don't take my word for it. Read the reviews of this tutorial and see what other people think. Olav is a master audio producer, and also a master educator. This title will show you why …

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction
2 EQ Default Low Cut
3 EQ Default High Cut
4 Ringing Low Cut
5 Surgical EQ
6 Marquee Marvels 1
7 Marquee Marvels 2
8 Marquee Marvels 3
9 Compression RMS vs Peak
10 Compressor Types: FET
11 Compressor Types: VCA
12 Compressor Types: Opto
13 Compressor Types: ClassA_U
14 Compressor Types: ClassA_R
15 Screen Space and Screen Sets
16 Creating Auto Loads
17 Beats - The Kickdrum
18 Beats - Adding Extra Stuff
19 Beats - Separating MIDI Events
20 Creating a Sidechain Track
21 Folders
22 Using Folders to Arrange
23 Folders in the Mixer
24 Bounce in Place 1
25 Bounce in Place 2
26 User Manual
27 Parallel Compression
28 Multiband Parallel Compression
29 Lowband Parallel Sidechain Compression
30 Compressor Sidechain Filter
31 Compressor and Output Distortion
32 More Distortion Plugins
33 Silver Compressor
34 Serial Compression
35 Limiter vs. Compressor
36 Kick and Bass Limiting
37 Limiting to Bring Out Details
38 Fast Doubling Trick
39 Wideband EQ and Dynamic EQ
40 Using the Toolbar
41 Super Fast Zooming
42 Making a Unique Reverb
43 Using the Anchor
44 Quantizing Audio
45 Super Tight Loops 1
46 Super Tight Loops 2
47 Burning Automation 1
48 Burning Automation 2
49 Quantize Automation
50 Sidechain Tricks 1
51 Sidechain Tricks 2
52 Sweeps Less Ordinary 1
53 Sweeps Less Ordinary 2
54 Hope You Enjoyed!

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