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iPad 対応。
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Style is Social! Share your hairstyles with Facebook, Twitter and bump.

Have you ever walked into a salon with a snapshot? A magazine? Ever tried to describe a great hairstyle that you wanted to try?

With StyleAssist, you don’t need to do that anymore.

Whether it’s a style of yours (stored in “My Journal”), or someone else’s (stored in the “Style File”), StyleAssist gives you one place to keep any style you like. The next time you’re in the stylist’s chair, you can just open up StyleAssist and tell them - Make me look like this.

But what is style? A new hairstyle can make you feel like a million bucks, but you’re not gonna spend all your time admiring yourself in the mirror, are you? You want to share your style with your friends because Style is Social!

StyleAssist has a lot of great ways to share your style with friends! If you are both using StyleAssist, you can bump your phones together to transfer a single style or if you’re on Facebook (and really, who isn’t these days?) you can post style photos directly to an album.

Creating Styles:
The first step to using StyleAssist is get your style into the app. iPhone’s built in camera (or cameras if you’re lucky enough to have the newest model) is the fastest way. Just tap the add style button and start snapping pictures. But the camera’s not the only way; any picture you can get onto your phone can be used in a style.

You can add tags to a style to make it easier to find in the future.

You can can add longer notes to styles too!

Sharing Styles:
Now that you’ve got some styles in the app, what can you do with them? Style is Social so lets start sharing!

Post style photos directly to facebook

If your friends have StyleAssist, just bump™ to share

Email a style to anyone with two taps

Tweet a style to your followers with Twitter and Twitrpix

For more info - visit

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