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開発者Digital Synapses
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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** PLEASE Read this first! **

This game is designed to be difficult to solve!! If you enjoy a true brain breaking puzzle, then this game is for you. However if baking your grey matter with excessive thought is not your thing, please pass on this game for one of the many many great casual games available in the app store!

** Think a dimension outside the box! **

Are you looking for a truly unique puzzle game experience?
Are you tired of playing the same old 2D & 3D games?
Then allow Tesseract to take you to the next level, as it welcomes you to the 4th Dimension!

Manipulate a 4 dimensional Tesseract, also known as a Hypercube, through a series of progressively harder levels, culminating in a 5th level of brain breaking difficulty. Easy to learn, and nearly impossible to master, with over 6.2x10^23 possible combinations, you may never play the same game twice.

Game play is simple. Pinch or unpinch a face to rotate the Tesseract on one of its 4th dimensional axis. Use a two finger swipe starting on a face to the left or right to rotate one of the 3D cube segments. With a one finger touch and drag you can rotate your view around the puzzle. With controls that easy, how hard could it be right? Give it a try, you will find out....

These is no timer, no move counter, and no score. It's just you, your brain, and a puzzle that will make your head hurt. Also, don't worry about life's interruptions, the puzzle status is automatically saved after every move, so feel free to play at your leisure, or amaze your friends with your gigantic brain by challenging them to see who can solve their puzzle the fastest.

This game may remind you of the cube puzzles from yesteryear, but its definitely not your daddy's cube.


** LINKS **

www.DigitalSynapses.com (Work in progress)

Follow us on Twitter!

youTube Video - Game Play Trailer:

youTube Video - Level 1 Solution Tutorial:


** NOTES **

- If you are experiencing sluggish graphics performance on a 1st or 2nd generation device: Please go to the "Options Menu" and turn the "Glass Effect" to off. This feature tends to push the graphics capabilities of these devices below the targeted frame rate... Although, it looks pretty!

- Please forgive the "dead" website links in the How To section. Those will be resolved in the next update. They do not effect game play in any way.


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