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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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iKNOW Is the biggest and most advanced News App for iPhone & iPod Touch . It contains more than 3000 News sources along with more than 200 section and providers .

Stay Updated with everything that interest you in life starting from world news till Movies , Games , Fashion , Books , Cooking ..etc.

News :- Stay Updated With The Latest News Around The World ..
You will never gone find any other app with this multi sources section. You will find more than 530 Source from 18 News Provider around the world so everytime you open the app you will find yourselfup to date with all news & events around the world .

Sport :-
Get The Latest Scores , Players & Teams News From The Most Popular Websites ..
You Will Never Find any thing like that in the whole app store .. Imagine that all the Sports Football , Basketball , Tennis , … etc . are all in one place & not only for news .. You will be able to see the check the last scores & Teams .. Read the last news & Topics from more than 400 Sources .

Tech :
Your Ultimate Source For The Latest News , Rumors , Topics & Tips …
Everyone Loves Technology , But not everyone have the chance to follow up all the news , rumors & Topics . Now The Technology is in your hands .. Now you will be able to follow up all the news & rumors from more than 34 Main sections & 500 News Provider .. which contain everything you looking for : Apple , Microsoft , HP , Adobe , Gaming , Blogging , Web design , Video , 3d … etc .

interest :
Stay In Touch With All Your Interests , Style & Passion …
Now You Will be able to follows news & rumors about any thing you like in the world , starting from food , Tea & Coffee . Ending With Yoga , Fashion , Space , Books … etc .
More Than 27 sections that contain more than 800 sources that’s all about your Interest & Life Style .

Health : The Page That Provide Up To Date News , Wellness & Medical Information …
Here You will be in touch with all the latest news & reports about all wellness & medical information , so you can be able to provide protection for you & your family health , with more than 200 sources …

World :
Your Best Source To Explore The World’s Countries , Tourism & Culture …
Yes .. The World Explorer to all the most popular & tourist Countries worldwide with more than 23 countries & 480 source ..

MY Style :-
Customize Your Own Page From More Than 3000 Sources …
When you get this large number of sources it will be hard and complicated to reach the sources you like between the main sections & providers , so we made a section just for you , now you can add the sources you like to My style section , not only sources but you can add a news provider and full page to MS , & you will get more by adding your own website feeds by adding new feed so once again The World Is In Your Hand .

Add feeds : You can add any rss feed from any website so you can use the app as Feeds Reader

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