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ChildHealth by Exitcare for iPad

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Have you ever left the doctor's office feeling you had incomplete information? Googling health information can be hit or miss and use unreliable sources. Now you can have peace of mind using in-depth illustrated articles from ExitCare. ChildHealth content is written by physicians and peer reviewed, so they are from a trusted authority. The source articles, provided by ExitCare, are used by thousands of doctors to provide information to patients.

ChildHealth has the added benefit that it requires no Internet connection. So, unlike medical web sites, ChildHealth is available anytime and anywhere you have your iPad.

Content is continually renewed and updated based on the latest medical information.

Features include:
- over 1000 articles about injuries, animal bites, illnesses, treatment guidelines, medical procedures, safety, wellness, and childbirth
- enhanced search feature
- all information is stored on the iPad so that no Internet is required
- deepens your understanding of what your doctor has told you
- detailed information on newborn conditions; helpful to have post-partum when cell phone and Internet use is limited in hospitals
- detailed information on breastfeeding and other new-parent issues
- extensive wellness-related information including Well Child checkups, healthy diets, and more.
- includes pediatric dosage tables

Information provided by ExitCare (www.exitcare.com). ExitCare is the leader in developing physician-authored, evidence-based Discharge Instruction and Patient Education information. The ExitCare professional staff includes a Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Editors-in-Chief, and a number of Medical Reviewers, medical professionals including Emergency Doctors, primary care and specialty physicians and Allied Health Reviewers.

Disclaimer: The articles in this application are for informational purposes only, and are not a substitute for consultations or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. As with any medical reference for parents, a doctor's interpretation of symptoms should naturally take precedence. Do not hesitate to call 911 in an emergency. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use the information in this Application.

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