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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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With SportyPal Bike you can explore the new biking experience, and easily manage your cycling trips with our Analog speedometer with board computer.

Designed and optimized to meet the requirements of all cyclists, SportyPal Bike unique feature is the new analog speedometer equipped with board computer where you can see all the information and statistics.

The Analog Speedometer shows your current speed with one special function that always display your maximum speed reached on the current workout.

On the Board Computer along with the standard summary screen of distance, avg. speed, calories, altitude etc. there is the option to choose to record TWO separate trips (TRIP A & TRIP B), it can be used to measure the distance traveled on some special route or just one part of the trip, works simply as the Odometer/Tripmeter selector that is present in every vehicle these days.

At any time you can view your position in real-time, on a road, hybrid or satellite map. As well the option of viewing the workout result in a graph detailing the speed vs. time.

Intuitive and easy to use, you will always have your cycling logs with you.

Completed workouts can be uploaded to SportyPal’s website via a free registration and shown to everyone, only your friends or keep it private.


iPhone application features:

- Standard measurements: stopwatch, distance, current/maximum/average speed, calories, altitude.
- Display your current position on the map, during your trip.
- Facebook/Twitter easy share.
- Draws elegant graphics charts of your performance, speed vs. time.
- Keeps history of your previous trips and records.

- Listen your favorite music.

- Nice and easy user interface.
- Choice of metric units.
- Upload your completed workouts on 

Web application features:

- Shows the workout on a 3D map with all statistics for detailed analyzes of your performances
- Velocity & altitude graphs
- Ascent/Descent data.
- GPX files import.

- Keeps track of your past trips and results.

- Set up GOALS.

- See your day by day progress.

- Compare tool.
- Workout edit tool.

- Add tags and location.

- Community
– view your friends and others workouts.

- Facebook and Twitter integrations.
- Trip embedding tool.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Standard price $7.99, promotional offer NOW for only $4.99

Bug fixing up when uploading workout. Support multitasking on iOS 4.0.
Better stability...
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