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開発者Kejian Jin
リリース日2010-04-28 06:12:03
星3 (18人)
星3 (18人)
互換性iOS 6.0以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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This application is for Presentation. If you save the powerpoint as PDF file, this app will help you do the presentation on projector. If you can upload your file to a web site, it also can present that website for you. It automatically detects the projector and send the signal to the projector when connecting with the VGA cable. It actually mirror the screen to the projector using software. Therefore, you can not only see the presentation on the iPad screen but also on the projector. No need to turn your head back all the time as in Keynote. You can now also draw, highlight text on the slides and send your drawing to email. It also contains a blackboard and web content presenter so you can write your formula on a whiteboard or blackboard, show video clips using a single app. It is great tool for education.

To upload the PDF file to this application, just go to the iTunes->iPad->Apps->File Sharing, Select the PDFPresenter on the list, drag your PDF files to the "PDFPresenter Documents" window.

To upload the PDF from email, just hold down the attached file icon, then open it with Power Presenter.

Support landscape powerpoint slides page size: 8.5x5.0

Feature hightlight:
* Show Presentation on projector and iPad screen
* Able to use finger to write text on the slides
* Able to draw, Highlight text on the slides
* Add blackboard with instant smooth line drawing
* Send the web content (browser) to projector which means you can present the slides and the web browser on the projector without leaving this application. Therefore, you can show the video during the presentation.
* Web content presentation supports the file format such as PDF, Powerpoint, keynote, etc. You will need upload the file to the web in order to use Web content presentation.
* Able to send the drawing to an email
* more is coming

File Format Supported:
- PDF Presentation supports PDF slides for any local file (First Button)
- Web content presentation support HTML, PDF, ppt, key,pages, numbers, key.zip, numbers.zip pages.zip, doc, rtf.

This app is actively developed. Please send us feedback for any improvement.

update for iPad Pro
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更新日時:2020年4月4日 11時02分




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