Lazy Diet - the best way to lose weight

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開発者Bliss Software, Inc.
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*Valentine’s Week Special Offer*

-Free for a limited time only (Feb.14-19)
-Price will raise up to $9.99 on Feb.20
-Additional $1 per day will be added on the price from Feb.20 until it reaches its regular price of $19.99!

*Pricing Schedule*

Feb.14-19 : FREE
Feb.20 : $9.99
Feb.21: $10.99
Feb.22: $11.99
Feb.23: $12.99
Feb.24: $13.99
Feb.25: $14.99
Feb.26: $15.99
Feb.27: $16.99
Feb.28: $17.99
Feb.29: $18.99
Mar.1 : $19.99

••••Only 2 hours a day you can use••••
We support iOS4 background NOW.
Here’s how you can do it: we’re introducing a whole new concept of losing weight, it doesn’t even matter whether you are working out every day or not. So how does it work?

This application is created to produce a subliminal effect on our brain by means of a special message, or wave inducing HGH (human growth hormone) generation and therefore muscles build-up. As our body needs more energy to increase muscles, it burns up calories and you start to lose weight. Use Lazy Diet every morning and evening to lose weight and always feel fit. It actually works even when you’re not using it!

★ Features:
•Intuitive interface and simple design
•Daily Tips to help you lose weight
•BMI (body mass index) calculation
• Sounds that will help you lose weight
•Choose between pure sounds or your own music
•Only 2 hours a day and you’re going to look sexy!

Lazy Diet - a great addition to your regular diet and workouts!

Notice: this app is very effective if you follow 2-hour listening session. Enjoy!

User Review.

Asdts ***** 5 Stars all the way!! Awesome!!
To the dev team, people are spending hundreds of $$$ to lose weight and you priced this for only $2.00? It worked for me!!! I use it on my commute time, at work and before sleep! It suppressed my appetite! And even on the weekend when I know I've over indulged my self, come Monday or Tuesday I hardly put any extra weight at all. I think my body burns more calories using this app! I'm a believer. Thanks for the OS4 update! Awesome, now I can listen to it while doing anything else with on my iPhone! And also, the dev team always reply to my email promptly! I have many questions answered. Knowing what I know now, if one of my friend want to lose weight I will personally recommend this app, even if it $20.00! For a fraction of a gim membership price I can lose weight while driving, sitting down, even while falling to sleep!! Again, congrats! Awesome app.

honolooloo ***** Great app!
Just listen to this. it is amazing!! This is simple app that does what it says with excellent results. I have lost 5lbs for 2weeks. Special thanks to developer.!!

KJB865 ***** It really worked for me!
I was quite skeptical about this really working but in the 5 weeks I have had it I have lost 12 lbs and 2 points off my BMI with NO CHANGE in my diet and regular exercise routine. So I am a believer now. It blows my mind that sitting in my chair listening to music or the "pure sound" for 2-1 hr sessions a day will cause me to lose weight. I have noticed that when I am using this I get quite warm although I'm sitting absolutely still. I now turn on a fan before I start the app. Has this happened to anyone else?

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