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Want to reduce the complex task of assembling your Navy uniform to a few taps?

With Uniformity, simply select your rank, gender, and a few other key items and you’re on your way to knowing exactly what goes where!

My name is Terence Goggin and as a Navy husband, I witnessed first-hand my wife’s frustrations assembling rarely-worn uniforms. Whenever a special-occasion uniform was needed, she would have to spend hours trying to figure out exactly how to assemble it. It was so unnecessary and aggravating. When I spoke to other Navy personnel, it became clear they all had similar frustrations. I thought that there must be a better way. Then it hit me.

Why not create an iPhone app that reduces uniform trivia down to what you really need to know? Every sailor could use such an app to simplify his or her life!

And that’s where Uniformity was born. With this app, sailors no longer have to spend hours wading through the regs, trying to find that one key piece of information. Now you no longer have to ask a shipmate for help and hope they know what they’re talking about.

Uniformity comes complete with every one of the Navy’s rules on proper military appearance, now helpfully illustrated and cross-referenced for easy use. It also features complete instructions on the wear of ribbons, medals, badges and insignia. All uniforms in use in the service today are included, from the most formal to the most casual.

I’ve also thrown in a helpful ribbon rack builder, the grooming regs, and a ruler, too.

In short, this app will help keep you looking your professional best without wasting hours of your time.

(The rack builder is available separately; just search for "Ribbons" in the App Store.)

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