Billy the Ragdoll - iPad Edition

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リリース日2010-04-28 00:55:17
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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NEW! Re-tooled and re-designed for the optimum iPad experience.

Billy used to live such a boring and menial life. He worked his normal 9 to 5 desk job. He paid his taxes. He ate the same meal for breakfast every morning.

But then Billy decided to spice up his life. He looked around and thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to be stuffed into a little box and thrown around like a puppet? That certainly would make things more interesting!”

So Billy stuffed himself inside an iPad, and called out to the world, “Hey, I’m a lifeless ragdoll! Chuck me around a bit!” And so the world obeyed.

So go ahead, world! Throw Billy around inside your iPhone or iPod Touch. Spawn objects to throw at Billy, or to throw Billy at, or whatever you please. Use the device’s accelerometer to turn Billy’s world into a nauseating carnival ride (that is, for him anyway). Set off an explosion, or pin him to the wall! Shoot objects at Billy using the Slingshot and watch him bleed. He’ll have a blast, and so will you.


> Realistic physics modeling using the Box2D physics engine (
> Accelerometer control:
-- Gravity controlled by the device’s accelerometer.
-- Shake to clear the world.
-- Change gravity to your own custom setting, or set it to one of five built-in planet/celestial body presets, including: Earth, the Moon, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto.
> 16 different tools to interact with Billy, including:
-- Move: throw Billy around, or throw stuff at Billy.
-- Spawn: make objects to throw at Billy, including your own custom objects!
-- Draw: draw any object that you want, and make it appear in Billy’s world.
-- Gravity Vortex: spin Billy and other objects like they’re in a washing machine.
-- Explode: set off an explosion to send Billy and other objects flying.
-- Nailgun: pin Billy and other objects to the wall.
-- Motor: make objects spin autonomously.
-- Slingshot: shoot objects at Billy, and watch him bleed.
-- Object slingshot: turn any object in the world (including Billy!) into a lethal projectile.
> Blood effects (can be disabled).
> Manipulate time!
-- Pause: Tap once with two fingers to pause/unpause time to freeze the action or gain more precision.
-- “Slow-mo”: Toggle between 1/1 speed (“normal”) and 1/3 speed (“slow-mo”) to slow down the action!

* Bone-crushing sound effects must be provided by the user.

Billy the Ragdoll - iPad Edition was written by Maxwell Collard, age 16.

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