Melbourne Essential Guide

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••• Best sights, eats, drinks & shops in the city •••

Melbourne is no blockbuster – it’s a slow burn revealing its charms gradually. This app gets under the skin of the ‘Paris of the Southern Hemisphere’ by exploring its hidden bars, sampling its finest dining and cosiest cafes, then finding a spot for your towel on St Kilda beach.

As well as taking you to the pick of Melbourne’s museums, parks, beaches and stores, we’ll lead you down Melbourne's famed lanes to find the latest street art, then into the glammest restaurants on both sides of the Yarra River and scout out designer chic that could only have come from Melbourne.

This app serves it up straight – we’ll tell you the best dishes to order, tell you what tram to catch if it's out of the way, plus how to avoid the crowds and if it’s over-hyped you’ll be the first to know. Skip the brochurese and publicity pimping - let a local give you the tour.

- local reviews of the best the city has to see, eat, drink and buy
- GPS maps to give you directions to the closest meal, drink or sight
- hand-selected picks for the best coffee, kid-friendly sights, romantic dates and tastiest breakfasts
- over 300 images including signage and shopfonts so you know what to look for
- updates when a bar closes or a hot new restaurant appears
- smooth interface to phone ahead to reserve a table or click to their website for latest gigs

••• About the Author •••

George Dunford has written for Lonely Planet and Rough Guides to Melbourne as well as reviewing for The Age Good Food Guide and Cheap Eats, the city's most trusted food bibles. He lives in Melbourne writing for various publications as well as blogging about travel, writing and media at
See the full list of his books at:

••• About Sutro Media •••

This guide is published in partnership with Sutro Media. By enabling local writers to share their expertise on mobile phones, Sutro Media is making it easier and more fun to explore the world!

If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you -

- lots of new iOS 7 bug fixes
- fixed recent bug with twitter field
- fixed landscape transition issue
- resolved display issue on iPhone 5
- more offline photos on original download and faster download of offline content
- fixed intermittent bug with dynamic updates
- added better crash analytics and fixed a number of intermittent stability problems
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