RoadCam Oregon

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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** Now available for iPhone, iPad and Mac! **

RoadCam Oregon - The traffic camera viewer for Oregon roads and highways. Check with RoadCam and don't get stranded in traffic or bad weather.

RoadCam Oregon includes over 250 individual cameras to give you a comprehensive look at conditions around the state.

Now with our TrafficData services (additional subscription required), quickly get realtime traffic information including accidents, incidents, construction and weather alerts. Portland drivers will also get access to a realtime speed map.

Save your commonly used cameras directly into your "Routes" screen. This allows you to quickly see all the cameras that are most important to you. This feature is great for people using RoadCam with their daily commute or other frequently used trips.

RoadCam covers the following major areas with many more cameras in between.

*Mt. Hood
*Siskiyou Pass
*Willamette Pass
*Klamath Falls
*Yreka (CA)
*Weed Area (CA)

RoadCam also features weather station reporting. Tap a weather pin to get current conditions around the state. These conditions can include the following*:

Surface Temperature
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Dew Point

Full feature list:

* Universal App (iPhone & iPad)

* All traffic camera locations annotated onto the map with thumbnail previews.

* Our new 'Routes' feature allows you to create routes and add cameras to them. Add, delete and reorder your routes and cameras!

* Instantly save a traffic camera image to your device for later viewing.

* Share traffic camera images to Facebook (iOS 6 only) and Twitter.

* Location support allows you to instantly find your location on the map.

* Use our preset locations to quickly jump to major cities in Oregon as well as mountain ranges and higher elevation points, allowing you to check the roads before/during traveling.

* Map type can be changed to Satellite, Hybrid or regular Map styles.

* Included is several cameras in Northern California (For people traveling over the I-5 Siskiyou Pass as well as onto Mt. Shasta).

* 12 Cameras in Vancouver have been added for drivers coming in and out of Washington.

Disclaimer ---------

Camera locations plotted on the maps are based on our best interpretation of where the camera is located, and should NOT be used for navigation purposes. If you see a camera that is placed in the wrong location, please email us. Please do not use RoadCam while driving. Please consult with local authorities if you are unsure about a particular road or mountain pass and always keep your vehicle stocked with emergency supplies in Winter.

*A note about the weather stations:

Different weather stations report different weather details, it depends on the reporting capacity of each individual station as to what specific data is available. As such, some stations will report only temperature, while others will have multiple weather categories to view.

This app uses publicly available data from ODOT. ODOT is not affiliated with this application.


If you drive in Washington, Idaho or Northern California in addition to Oregon, you may want to check out RoadCam Northwest instead which covers more states without in-app purchases. Safe travels!

- Reduced amount of data needed for TrafficData, making the service about 5 times faster and much easier on your cellular-data usage.
- Improved caching
- Minor bug fixes
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