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Keep up to date with all aspects of Scottish life with The Scotsman app, the official iPhone app from The Scotsman newspaper.
Featuring the latest news, sport and features from The Scotsman, and the full digital edition of each day’s paper, this app allows you to read what you want, when you want and how you want to.
There’s detailed coverage and analysis of the latest events at Holyrood and Westminster in the politics section, as well as comprehensive coverage of the big health and education issues affecting Scotland.
In addition, comprehensive coverage of Scottish football, rugby and golf makes The Scotsman app the natural home for sport lovers.
The restaurant review guide tells you the best – and worst – places to dine out while the latest theatre, music and film reviews are also available.
Prefer to browse the pages of the Scotsman newspaper? The integrated and easy-to-use digital newspaper reader delivers each day’s paper directly in the app, providing you with the best of both worlds – live breaking news and the daily edition of Scotland’s most famous newspaper.
App summary:
•Live breaking news and sport delivered throughout the day from The Scotsman newsdesk.
•Politics, Education and Health sections providing the most informative analysis of the issues affecting Scotland.
•Includes the best from the Scotsman’s Living section – features, restaurant reviews, and much more.
•Page turning daily edition of The Scotsman newspaper included as standard.
•Links to Facebook and Twitter.
The app fee of £1.99 covers a three month period representing superb value for all the above great features from Scotland’s national newspaper.
Terms of use:
All content in The Scotsman app is © The Scotsman Publications Limited.

Bug Fixes and performance improvements Updated digital reader to iOS4 Added option to manually refresh Added Survey Added Subscription in-app payments
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