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****** NOTICE: As of Oct 16 2013, we are sunsetting our Flight Guide products iEFB and Solo. Please search for eKneeBoard on the App store as that application supports all current iEFB and Solo users and is the upgraded version of iEFB and SOLO. If you download this product now and do not have a subscription you will be redirected to download eKneeBoard. All current iEFB and Solo users should have received an email with upgrade instructions. If not please contact flightguide.com. ******

Airguide Publications is proud to offer an extraordinary application for Apple’s revolutionary iPad—Flight Guide iEFB. Features include Flight Guide's over 50 years of excellence in airport & supplementary information along with the addition of: Flight Planning, Pre-Flight & In-Flight ADS-B Weather, Traffic, Moving Map, Geo-Referencing on all IAPs and Flight Guide's nearly 5000 airport diagrams, Fuel Prices, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMS, METAR/TAFs, Winds Aloft, Seamless Charts, Sectionals, WACs, TACs, IFR High & Low Enroute Charts, IFR Area Charts, CAP Gridded Seamless Charts & Helicopter Charts. iEFB also includes Flight Guide's popular Airspace Charts including Class B, C, D, Terminal Area Special Routes, SFRA's, Noise abate Procedures graphically depicted and individual VFR and IFR panel charts! Flight Guide iEFB covers the lower 48 states plus expanded chart coverage for Alaska, Hawaii & the Caribbean.

Flight Guide has set the standard in providing quality airport and supplementary data that general aviation pilots have come to depend on for over 50 years. Our uniquely drawn airport diagrams clearly depict taxiways, right-hand traffic, gradients, length, runway type and FBOs (services, location & contact information). Our Airspace Chart pages includes Class B, C, D, Terminal Area Special Routes, SFRA's, Noise abate Procedures and more. The Airport page also includes: frequencies (navigation & communication), flight operational information, current & nearby fuel prices, food, transportation, lodging and recreational information. We even tell you if the hotels near the airport have free pickup or discounts for pilots! Unlike other aviation apps, depending solely on government data that is only updated once a month, Flight Guide iEFB airport pages are updated daily by receiving data from Flight Guide's own state-of-the-art database. This unique On-The-Fly Auto Update feature is triggered automatically when launching Flight Guide iEFB with your iPad connected to the internet. Data is then downloaded and stored on the iPad's internal hard drive in about 20 seconds! Besides Flight Guide Airport Data–Fuel Prices, NEXRAD Weather, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMs, METAR/TAFs, Winds, & Off-field data is also updated and stored when the On-The-Fly Auto Update feature is triggered.

The VFR Standard Data Plan includes all of our high quality Airport & Supplementary info, nearly 5000 Flight Guide Airport Diagrams, Fuel Prices, Class B, C & selected D Airspace Charts, On & Off field info. Additionally, this plan provides Flight Planning and Moving Map capability on our Seamless VFR Charts. Individual non-seamless sectional charts, which include the "panel" information, are also available. Current NEXRAD Weather, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMs, METAR/ TAF & Winds info is available for each airport.

For more situational awareness, the VFR Plus Data Plan additionally includes Geo-Referenced Flight Guide Airport Diagrams for real-time aircraft positioning.

Our IFR Standard Data Plan contains everything the VFR Standard Data Plan provides with the addition of IAPs, DPs, STARs, Take-Off, Radar & Alternate Minimums, IFR Seamless and Non- Seamless Low & High Enroute charts and IFR Area Charts.

Search for eKneeBoard on the App store for the upgraded version of iEFB,
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