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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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'Mailing List' will display a slideshow of your products, services, information or events. Then prompt the viewer to enter their company or personal details via a customisable data field page.

With the accompanying free 'Remote' app for the iPhone, you can snap images of your products, sent them via bluetooth to your iPad, and have them displayed as a slide show on your iPad within minutes.
Search store for 'Mailing List Remote' Or see here...

A password can be set which allows the iPad to be semi-permanently fixed in a public area.

Ideal for trade shows. Traders can showcase their new products whilst automatically harvesting contacts.

Pubs/Clubs/Bars can provide an interactive information display point at their venue, to highlight drinks offers, or upcoming events.

There are many possible public facing uses for the iPad. With the help of this app, we look forward to witnessing the creative solutions you devise.

* Easily add/delete/rearrange slide show images imported from your favourite image editing software (or beamed from your iPhone).
* Adjustable delay.
* Transition effects.
* Editable password (for use if fixing your iPad more permanently in a public area).
* Take pictures and send image files from your iPhone via Bluetooth to the Mailing List iPad app via free Mailing List Remote app.
* Alpha Overlay (for displaying logo and other information over the top of your slideshow).
* Create multiple campaigns.
* Choice of data fields.
* Drag to position data fields.
* Multi orientation.
* Editable field background.
* CSV file export. Send your mailing list to any CSV compatible app (such as Excel).

If you are worried about the security of leaving your iPad in a public place. Mailing List has a password feature which allows the iPad to be semi-permanently embedded in a custom stand or enclosure.
With the iPads 'home' button physically covered, the public are unable to tamper with the ipad or exit the Mailing Mist app. The password feature allows you to edit your advertising campaigns without removing the iPad.

PLEASE NOTE: When importing images for the 'overlay', emailing the image to the iPad preserves transparency. Sync (via iTunes) appears to make all images opaque .

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