Judo Throws

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Learn Judo on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Judo Throws Volume 1 is the first in the Judo Series from Judo Sensei Brent Goodall and Tauasa Timoteo. They are 3rd degree(Sandan) Judo black belts in addition to being National and AAU Judo champions.

Whether you're in training for competition or preparing to take your black belt test, Judo throws Vol. 1 is the definitive resource for serious judo practitioners who want to take their skills to a bold new level on your iPhone/iPod Touch. At the same time, this incredibly illustrated, step-by-step application is ideal for anyone who wants to incorporate some of the most powerful and effective judo techniques into his or her self-defense or competitive fighting styles.

Sensei Brent and Tauasa covers all the bases--from philosophical and technical foundations through advanced grappling and self-defense techniques. With the help of over 95 high definition still photographs illustrating each move in exciting detail to show you how to:

--Add power and grace to your technique and improve your understanding of the fundamentals
--Execute basic and advanced hip, hand, and leg throws, sacrifice throws and more
--Prepare yourself mentally and physically to ace your shodan test or blow away the competition

In addition to further your education, they also break down the process of "gripping"(gasping the gi) for each the major throwing techniqes. Whether you are new to the martial arts or an experienced Judoka, Judo Throws Vol. 1 will elevate your game to the next level.

When they are not competing they are the head instructors at Team Sacramento Judo in Sacramento(Folsom), California.

Each technique was shot in high quality video and with pain-staking detail on the grips, positional setups and finishes.

This application also includes the iFightVideo Technique Picture viewer which was developed to provide the user with a step by step breakdown with key point on each technique!

When you purchase this application you will be entitled to free updates which may include additional techniques and videos.

--18 advanced judo throws with setups and varations
--All techniques are shown in the Judogi.
--Devastating throws from the most important grips in Judo.
--All video shot in high quality video.
--Menus, Key points and Full motion options to quickly get to each technique.
--A broadband connection is NOT required to use this application.



--Osoto-gari (Standard)
--Osoto-gari (Ikemoto variation)
--Osoto-gari (Hopping variation)

--Tai-otosh i(Standard)
--Te-gurma (Offensive)
--Te-gurma (Defensive)

--Soto-makikomi (Standard)

--Hane-goshi (Makimoto variation)
--Harai-goshi (Standard)

--Tomoe-nage (Standard)

--Yoko-Tomoe-Nage (Standard)
--Yoko-Tomoe-Nage (Variation)

Your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know what additional techniques you would like to see in future releases from iFightVideo.com
We are not only the developers, but we are also students. We hope you find this app as useful as we do!

iOS 7 updates.
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