GeoTravel™ - Worldwide Travel Guide with Augmented Reality

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互換性iOS 5.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"I would loved to have this app when I went to Europe. Being able to travel and hold up the camera & get more information on cool places I was seeing is awesome. It is like an ultimate travel guide and so much more." -

"A travel guide on steroids. Not only helps you get around more conveniently in a foreign city, it takes advantage of AR technology to help you get to your POI faster." -

Worldwide Travel Guide with Augmented Reality.
GeoTravel™ will change the way you travel. Imagine having a travel guide for every city in the world always with you, so that you know the best attractions, the most interesting monuments, points of interest and places within the city you want to visit. You'll be guided directly to every single place you selected, in the most intuitive way. Plan your trip at home and you won't need the Internet connection anymore. You can then freely use it when traveling abroad. GeoTravel™ brings all this stuff in your pocket, and it's ten times easier to use and faster than ever!

Discover the world.
• More than 3.600.000 articles in over 20 languages, all over the world (updated on July 2016). This is like having 20.000 printed travel guide books (300 pages each) always in your pocket.
• Augmented Reality. Shoot what's around you with the iPhone's camera and you instantly get name, direction and distance of the points of interest you've chosen.

Plan an unforgettable trip.
• Plan your trip at home. GeoTravel™ lets you build your own personalized list of exciting places for the perfect vacation.
• Even if you haven't planned anything, you can find out what's around you, instantly!
• Do you want to add your hotel to your trip? Or the restaurant where you want to eat? Do you want to add a particular point of interest that is not on Wikipedia? Or maybe the address of a friend you'd like to visit? GeoTravel™ will let you add any point of interest to your trip!
• Don't waste time with maps. Follow the 3D arrow or use the integration with the best navigators (Waze, TomTom, Navigon and Sygic) to reach the points of interest.

Save time and money.
• Save Wikipedia articles for offline use: you can then use the application when you're abroad or when you don't have any connection, avoiding roaming charges.
• Just tap a button and you'll see the article of the point of interest you're following. And if you activate the offline mode, the loading times are almost instantaneos.

Additional features.
• Multitasking support.
• Hi-Res images for Retina Display.
• Radar.

For support and information please use the Info button within the app.
by AugmentedWorks® -

- iOS 7 and iPhone 5S/5C support
- Optimizations and bug fixes
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