SciVerse Scopus Alerts (institutional subscribers version)

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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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SciVerse Scopus Alerts (institutional subscribers version)


If you’re passionate about your research project, you probably have ideas coming to you in your sleep. Now you don’t even need to get out of bed to search for the latest content: reach for your iPhone and use the SciVerse Scopus Alerts iPhone app to find articles, create alerts, make notes, and share links instantly. While you’re travelling or attending a conference, this app will make sure you stay on top of the newest developments without the need to power up your computer or find an Internet connection.

Elsevier’s SciVerse Scopus is the leading service for finding and sharing peer-reviewed information that will help you in your research, whether you're trying to find a cancer cure, or improve irrigation in Africa. Whatever your science, when you’re away from the lab but need to keep in touch with the latest research, use the SciVerse Scopus Alerts iPhone app to:

- Search across thousands of scholarly journals from more than 5000 international publishers;
- Save the important articles in one place for easy look-up;
- Set up and review email alerts for your favourite searches;
- Set up email alerts for when an author cites a particular article;
- Annotate articles with your own notes;
- Share article links through email or twitter.

This version of SciVerse Scopus Alerts is free and for existing subscribers only. A new version for non subscribers is coming soon.

So you concentrate on the important stuff, like advancing science, and we’ll just make sure you stay as up-to-date as possible, with all the relevant information right there in your pocket.

Searching & Saving:
When a speaker references some research at a conference, look it up straight away and see who the authors are, where they’re from, and what other work they cited. Store articles in one accessible place and save them to read later.

If you’re a published author you’ll want to know when one of your peers cites your work. Set up an email alert on any article and receive a notification when someone cites it. You can also create alerts for your favourite searches so that when anything is published that relates to your specific field, you’ll know straight away.

Annotating & Sharing:
Write notes and append them to an article for use back in the lab; you can send article links to yourself via email to read when you’ve more time. Or share articles with colleagues and staff with questions and comments attached. If it’s a really significant paper you can share the link with the world through twitter.

Make sure you’ve registered for a username and password at and use your institutional email address to sign in. And now you're ready to take your research with you.

- Solved citations retrieval issue on iOS6
- Improved graphics (retina)
- Fixes for new OS versions
- New calculation of the UDID
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