Learn Kanji N1-N5

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開発者Fidel Softech Pvt. Ltd
リリース日2010-04-02 07:58:33
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互換性iOS 10.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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This application has been developed for people interested in taking any level examination of The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). All Kanji in this application are included according to the new pattern of JLPT Examination. It is primarily for those interested in mastering the Kanji that are likely to appear in the exam. The application contains around 2000 Kanji, along with their "On-Yomi" (Chinese Reading) and "Kun-Yomi" (Japanese Reading) readings and their equivalent English meanings. Each Kanji will also have its "jyukugo" (combination of two or more Kanji) readings.

This application also provides a facility for searching particular kanji based on kun-yomi, on-yomi, kanji radical or kanji strokes. In this application, levels can be selected for kanji learning as well as for Test. The test can be on level wise or overall.

This application is a great help for students who can have a ready reference for JLPT Examination. Useful for
- Handy Kanji Dictionary.
- Practice Reading Kanji.
- Meaning is given in Japanese (Hiragana / Katakana) and English.
- Possible Jukugo meanings for each Kanji.
- Given Stroke and Radical for each Kanji.
- Can search kanji by kun-yomi, on-yomi, kanji radical or kanji strokes.
- Test for your Kanji knowledge.
- 30 Sec timer, for the practice of fast recognition. This practice will help you in the Exam.
- Each question has 3 options to choose from.
- Each test has 15 questions.
- Result immediately after completing the Exam.
- You can test your Japanese kanji skills anytime, anywhere, an unlimited number of times.
- Improves Kanji Knowledge.
- Improves speed of recognizing Kanji.

We have also created a program to test your Kanji knowledge. The Kanji is displayed in random order, so every test is a bit different.
You can also keep track of your scores and monitor progress.

- Entire app has developed with new UI design.
- Also added "Combine Kanji" option in Learn menu.
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