Golf - Faults & Fixes

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This app has 159 easy to follow golf lessons on various faults and fixes!

Videos include:
How To Stop Slicing Your Driver
The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Hip Sway and Push Slice Shots
Shallow out your angle of attack
Fixing the Fat shot in Chipping
Feel and hear your clubhead for better chipping - Noel Rousseau - Todays Golfer
Stop fatting your chips - Noel Rousseau - Todays Golfer
Golf Instruction-Chipping and ball position tip
Golf Instruction - One plane backswing
Golf Tip on Long Chips from GOLF Magazine
Sean Foley Swing Sequence Drill
Free Golf Tip to Develop Posture like Tiger Woods at Setup and Prevent Injury
RotaryConnect Golf Backswing Video
RotaryConnect Hip Stability Drill
Why you DONT want to push off the right leg in the golf downswing
Synchronize Your Golf Backswing with the Bucket Drill
How To Swing Instead Of Hit
Phil Mickelson - Bunker Shots
The Perfect Golf Shoulder Turn
Mike Benders Favorite Golf Drill
Spin Your Chip and Pitch Shots Easily
Pitching Drill To Avoid Fat Thin Shots
Stop Hitting your Pitches and Chips Fat and Thin
Simple Chipping Drill--Foolproof For Solid Contact
Faults Fixes Chipping
Golf Monthly tip Chipping essentials
One Arm Drills Improve Tempo and Increase Distance
One Arm Golf Drill - Savemygolfgame
Workouts to Improve Hockey Shooting - Slapshot and Wrist Shot
How To Stop Chunking Shots
reverse spine
GreenStick Golf- Swing faults
How To Get A Great Backswing For Golf
Smooth Take Away Tips From Justin Rose
Golf Backswing key positions
Docs Drills - Take Away Drill
Golf Tip Backswing Arm Movement Steven Bann
Golf Lessons - Practice drill - using the body and not the arms
Golf Swing - Back Swing Sequence - Right Arm - Jeff Ritter
Jeff Ritter - Faults and Fixes Backswing Across Line
Jeff Ritter - Faults and Fixes Laid Off
Jeff Ritter - Perfectly Balanced Swinging Steep vs Shallow
Jeff Ritter - Swing Plane - Hoop Drill
Jeff Ritter - Swing Plane - Up and Around
Jeff Ritter - Golf Swing - Back Swing Sequence - Left Arm
Jeff Ritter Golf - Baseball Mentality - One Plane
Jeff Ritter - Leverage - Right Elbow
Jeff Ritter - Swing Plane - Baseball Mentality
Jeff Ritter - One Plane Swing Commentary
Jeff Ritter - More Distance
Jeff Ritter - Balance and Posture
Golf Digest Clinic
Faults and Fixes for Balls Going High - Plane Truth Golf
3 Reasons Balls Go Left - Plane Truth Golf Show - Titleist Performance Institute
Plane Truth Golf Show - 3 Fixes for Balls Going Left - Titleist Performance Institute
3 Reasons Balls Go Right - Plane Truth Golf Show - Titleist Performance Institute
3 Fixes for Balls Going Right - Plane Truth Golf Show - Titleist Performance Institute
How to Stop Topping A Golf Ball
Jim Hardy - One Plane and Two Plane

and many more!

Full ipad compatibility and additional content
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