Touch Bible - Offline Bible with Study and Audio

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開発者Patrick Franklin
リリース日2010-04-02 05:47:23
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互換性iOS 8.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Touch Bible for iPad, read and search the bible with free study material, several modern translations without needing the internet. iTunes users, click "More" for info!

** Attention iPad® Wifi Users **
Touch Bible does not require the internet to look up scripture! Take a powerful collection of bibles and study tool anywhere you go!

Note: Touch Bible is free because the Bible is an incredible book that everyone should have. Touch Bible gives you eight (8) bibles to read, study, and cross reference.


** Dial a Verse **

Accessing the Bible is what sets this application apart. "Dial a Verse," makes access to scripture and different translations really fast. It is wonderful in church!

** Translations & Study, Built In **

Touch Bible Loaded has many fantastic english translations built in, including the innovative New English Translation ( with partial study notes ) built into the text.

Translations include:

* NET - New English Translation (modern english) + partial study notes
* KJV - King James Version
* WEB - World English Bible (modern english)
* DBY - Darby (modern english)
* BBE - Bible in Basic English (modern english)
* ASV - American Standard Version
* YLT - Young's Literal Translation
* WBS - Websters Bible

(The Internet is NOT required to use these translations; once you install Touch Bible the scripture, search tools, and notes are with you regardless of internet access.)

** More Features **

Touch Bible is not a limited app. All of the following app features are fully functional:

– Keep study notes, even while you read!
----Keep notes, attach them to EVERY verse.
----Keep notes that are not attached to verses
– Highlight verses
– Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview and OT and NT restrictions
----Find keywords, uses partial word for wild card
----Use Dial-A-Verse to search for verses
– Readability - spread out words, adjustable font sizes
– Bookmarks - Click the verse number and that verse is bookmarked for quick access later.
– Dial-a-Verse - Touch Bible's exclusive way of looking up scripture FAST.
– Set font sizes.
– Switch to "Night Mode" for reading in low light situations.
– When you reload Touch Bible, it remembers the last chapter you were reading.

Improved multitasking experience in iOS 9

• Bug in iOS 9: Colors & Extras
• Multiple Voices Selections and Reading Speeds
• App for Apple Watch
• Highlight with Multiple Colors
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