Master Piano

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開発者Better Day Wireless, Inc.
リリース日2010-04-02 05:41:56
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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*** Over 250 Free Songs Included. Even Record your Own! Master Piano is the only piano that lets you learn a song at the Tempo the song is played at with animated falling notes. Other piano apps only show you which note to play which can be frustrating. It is also the only piano app which lets you resize your keys for a custom feel!

Master Piano brings you all the great features of a real piano including concert hall sound along with innovative song writing and learning capabilities. With the MASTER PIANO app, now the iPad lets you do all the things with your virtual piano that you have always wished you could. Using the full iPad screen, you will have a more real piano playing experience while also getting amazing technical innovations written exclusively for the iPad by the creators of some of the best selling iPhone piano apps of all time including Pocket Piano, Song Universe, and Player Piano. Whether you are a concert pianist or just beginning to learn to play, Master Piano has all the features you could ever want in a piano app.

Basic Piano Features:
*Rich realistic piano sound, recorded from the world’s finest grand pianos
*88 keys which includes all sharps and flats
*Full multi-touch support for chord and single note play
*Easy to use preset keyboard sizes or customize your own. Adjust the width and height of all keys and sharps to create a keyboard made just for your fingers
*Play on a Single Keyboard Row or play on two rows with Dual Row
*Identify notes with Optional Note Labels
*Easy to use Fully-Customizable Metronome
*Optional Glissando Feature allows you to slide your finger across the keyboard like a real piano
*Adjustable reverb setting to get the same realistic effect as the Sustain and Soft piano pedals.
*Easily navigate the full piano keyboard, never losing your place with a unique Navigation Bar for each row. Slide navigation bar to quickly move from A0 all the way to C8 or jump to any place on the keyboard with the tap of a finger.
*Customize Each Navigation Bar’s highlight color using preset options or create your own unique color
*Adjustable Master Volume

Song Writing Features:
*Record, Edit, and Save your own songs
*Record all nuances of your performances including duration of note and tempo.
*No time limit on the length of your recordings.
*Overlay unlimited tracks onto your recordings (Overdub)
*Save compositions for later into "My Songs" folder.
*All songs can be loaded for playback, editing, or learning.
*Adjust the tempo of any song
*Supports "Learn Song" mode for your compositions, so you can play them back and learn them note by note.
*Edit your compositions to fine tune your masterpieces:
- add new notes
- remove unwanted notes
- add chords or change single notes to chords

Song Learning Features:
*Over 250 Preloaded Songs
-15 Different Categories including Children's, Classical, Christmas, Ragtime, Folk, and World Music.
*Songs are divided into 20 different difficulty levels, helping you find songs right for your level of play.
*Difficult songs feature chords and include both left and right hands.
*Use your Customizable Favorites folder to add and remove songs for your convenience, then quickly load songs from the folder without having to browse entire library.
*Change the tempo of any song, slow it down or speed it up to match your playing level. (Try to keep up with Flight of the Bumblebee at 2x!)
*Shift the song's octave up or down.
*Learn either the whole song or just your favorite part.
*All learning modes teach not only notes, but also tempo and note duration.
*Learn Portion mode so you can focus on just learning left or right hand for a piece.
*Auto-scrolling moves the on-screen keyboard right where you need it while playing notes so you don't have to.

Get Master Piano today and begin a new musical adventure!

Improved Performance of piano and playback at high speeds.

Added Advance Notice and Horizontal Bars to Song Options. Advance notice will highlight the upcoming keys to help during song learning modes. Horizontal Bars will display horizontal lines across screen to aid in song learning modes. To turn on and off, press the Options/Help button in the Song Playback navigational bar.
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