Scats & Tracks of North America: iPad Edition

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FalconGuides’ Scats and Tracks of North America – A Field Guide to the Signs of Nearly 150 Wildlife Species

$3.99 Introductory Price-Limited Time Only

A coast-to-coast guide to recognizing what critters went before you—from North America’s most respected publisher of information on outdoor recreation and the great outdoors.

With unparalleled content, each of the nearly 150 species in FalconGuides’ Scats and Tracks of North America is described with concisely worded yet detailed information, easily accessible by fast and easy navigation. Simple-to-use and intuitively designed, field-friendly and richly illustrated, this app is the key to starting off your outing on the right track!

Was that track on the trail left by a coyote or a fox? A black bear or a grizzly? A bobwhite or a grouse? Was that scat deposited by a bobcat or a lynx? Covering the continent’s most common or characteristic species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians north of Mexico, FalconGuides’ Scats and Tracks of North America helps you determine just what has passed your way and could still be nearby.

This incomparable reference also includes rare species of particular interest or significance, such as the jaguarundi, the polar bear, and the wolverine.

What’s in this app:

· Detailed illustrations of scats, tracks, gait patterns, and other signs of an animal’s presence, carefully organized by species, track types, and scat types. See a track with two toes forming a hard, cloven hoof? Instantly view all related tracks to determine if it’s a moose, a mule deer, or an elk. See scat that resembles cords, long and thick? Visually compare against all related scat types to determine if it’s a badger or a black bear.

· Individual range maps for all species.

· Easy-reference descriptions of all scats and tracks with precise measurements.

· An glossary of tracking terms.

Written by Dr. James C. Halfpenny, one of the world’s leading experts on animal tracking and author of numerous books on the subject of scats and tracks field identification. Illustrated by Todd Telander, an award-winning natural science illustrator, wildlife artist, and amateur tracker.

Essential gear for every adventure: Outfit Your Mind™.

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