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Whether you’re a designer, doctor, coach or teacher, Ideate empowers you to sketch, store and share your thoughts visually on the iPad. With Ideate, you’ll never lose another bright idea or worry about your visions being misunderstood.

Ideate: Capture. Share. Communicate.
A sketching application for the iPad.

• Page Templates: With templates designed for specific use cases, you can start sketching your ideas immediately in a relevant context.
• Clips: Insert images saved on your iPad, downloaded from the Web or copied from other applications to provide reference, inspiration or composition for your sketches into your document.
• Tools: Use focused and customizable pens to sketch and mark up your creations.
• Share: Share sketches with others through email, Flickr and more. 
• Eco-friendly: Save stacks of paper through this dynamic digital device.
• Flexible: Access saved work while creating multiple sketches all at once.
• Expand: Create and reuse your own Templates from sketches and images
• More exciting features coming soon!

Ideate is ideal for:
• Medical professionals providing patients a more detailed view of anatomical structure, ailments and more.
• Fashion designers crafting visions of the styles they wish to create.
• Animators creating storyboard templates to discuss scenes.
• Landscape designers drafting plans to plant foliage based on uploaded images of client properties. 
• Coaches outlining strategies and winning game plans for team members.
• Much, much more.

View the Templates and Clips that come with Ideate at or view Templates created by the community for use in Ideate at

Learn more at or follow @ideateapp on Twitter for updates.

Visit the Ideate Sketches Flickr Group at to view what others are doing with Ideate.

Ideate was developed by EffectiveUI, leaders in delivering amazing user experiences in software through user-centered design and development. People deserve better; EffectiveUI can help you get there. Visit, or contact us through Twitter at

Added option to Save as Template for user created templates.
Sketch and add clips from your photo library to create a template.
Many performance enhancements to the drawing engine.
Added Edit button to My Sketches pop up to make deleting sketches easier.
Added Edit button to My Templates to allow deleting user templates.
Sketches can be deleted with a swipe from My Sketches just like deleting an e-mail in Mail.
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