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FEATURING 800 DOCUMENTS, and AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDINGS INCLUDING: 90 Supreme Court Decisions, all the US Presidential Inaugural Addresses State of the Union Addresses, the Constitution and dozens of key laws, first-hand accounts, and speeches (with 40 Audio/VIDEO Recordings) make this an incredible compilation of primary source documents in American History. Included is a special section with audio excerpts of almost all of FDR fireside addresses. Each document entry includes an explanation of the significance of the court decision, law, or key points of a speech. MultiEducator, Inc. has applied its 20 years of experience writing Multimedia History and to the iPad. Documents can be accessed chronologically, or often by groups. You can search for a document and save recent or favorites. All of the documents can be e-mailed and thus shared.

AMERICAN DREAMS features 20 audio recording of some of the most famous speeches in American history, including the complete inauguration of President Kennedy. Also included are President Reagan’s words “Mr. Gorbachev- Tear Down the Wall”, as well as excerpts from President Franklin Roosevelt’s first inaugural and President Teddy Roosevelt’s campaign speech.

The text of over 90 key Supreme Court decisions, starting with Chisholm v. Georgia in 1793 and ending with the case of the Citizens vs. Federal Electoral Committee in 2010 are presented. Each case has a one-paragraph summary outlining key points and Constitutional issues dealt with in that case.

The earliest text in the program is Columbus’ description of his voyage. The newest document is President Trumps State of the Union address, delivered on January 20, 2017. The program also includes all of the Fireside Chat addresses given by President Roosevelt, including an audio recording of his most famous Fireside Chat: On Banking.

AMERICAN DREAMS allows you to be immersed in the early America history, from the time of the first Explorers to the settling of the Plymouth Rock. You can read firsthand accounts of the Building of the Erie Canal or the invention of the Cotton Mill. Read the many war messages sent to Congress over the history of the United States, as well as the peace agreements signed that ended many of those same conflicts. AMERICAN DREAMS puts a superb documentary history of the United States in your pocket.

Added Trump State of the Union Addresses and Biden Inaugural Address. Code changes to make the app compatible with the latest iOS versions.
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