Breakaway Japanese Kitchen, iPad Edition

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THE BREAKAWAY JAPANESE KITCHEN vook is a revolutionary new way to follow the innovative and inspiring recipes of chef Eric Gower.

In this Vook, Eric combines THE BEST INGREDIENTS OF JAPAN with the best food culture of the West to produce something entirely new and absolutely delicious.

WATCH INTEGRATED VIDEOS of Eric cooking the dish or shopping for ingredients, and connect with him and the cooking community through TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

Just a few of the great features:

* 15 videos demonstrating how to make the recipes, how to make certain ingredients, and smart shopping tips
* 14 recipes that will tell you how to make delicious, fast dishes embodying the boldness and flavor of Japanese cuisine
* Connect to Twitter and Facebook to learn more from Eric and his thriving online community of breakaway cooks

Rave Reviews:

"The Breakaway Cook" is a book that will become a staple on my shelf" -- San Francisco Chronicle

"Japanese and fusion are two cuisines that make me nervous. One is daunting and the other usually a disaster. But the best new book I’ve cooked from in months dabbles in both—and nothing is lost in translation . . . A mad-scientist approach . . . amazing . . . gorgeously photographed . . . Gower borrows concepts and tastes to produce Western food with just enough Eastern exoticism . . . lively . . . a wonderment . . . borders on brilliant . . . Like a photographer who knows his technique so well he will shoot out of focus for greater effect, Gower takes Japanese ingredients and concepts into territory undoubtedly never explored in Tokyo. Or California . . . At a time when originality seems to be the missing ingredient in far too many cookbooks, Breakaway Japanese Kitchen is a good cure for the comfort-food blues.” -- The Los Angeles Times

"Here at last is the best of East and West. Eric Gower has combined the unique and subtle taste of Japan with the lusty cuisine of the West. The recipes are full of inspirational and simple ideas that are perfect for today's cook." -- Ken Hom, best-selling cookbook author

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