The 90-Second Fitness Solution, iPad Edition

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iPad 対応。
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Get fit in 90 SECONDS? You read right! This powerful Vook combines step-by-step instruction with incredible video so you can fit a workout in anytime. Download "The 90-Second Fitness Solution" and drop a full dress size in just eight weeks!

Experience the powerful strength-training plan of Pete Cerqua. Read about Pete's exercise techniques, watch him demonstrate each technique individually, and connect with him through social media to gain even more insight. You'll jumpstart your metabolism, get toned, and look great in no time!

Pete has developed an incredibly innovative strength-training plan that features only the most efficient exercises, which each last 90 seconds but powerfully accelerate your metabolism. By doing these exercises and following his sensible yet simple diet and lifestyle advice, you'll become stronger and leaner. You'll be able to stay healthy without relying on a calorie counter.

The power of this remarkable program is its simplicity. You can exercise at home without changing into workout clothes. You eat well without counting calories or carbs, and don't even need a complicated grocery list. You don't have to spend a fortune on equipment, gym memberships, supplements, and meal replacement products.

This application has been designed specifically for the iPad to take advantage of its advanced capabilities and large Multi-Touch screen. The Vook features new functionality that lets you read and watch in full screen with full color video and images, rotate the screen between portrait and landscape view, and email quotes and notes from within the application.

More great features:

* 13 videos demonstrating exercise techniques, fun recipes and smart shopping tips
* 11 chapters showing you exactly how to shape up and look great fast
* connect to the world of social media to learn more from Pete and the fitness community
* watch Pete's videos on the go: at the gym or in the office
* natural book-like reading experience, swipe to turn the page
* easily adjust font size, text reflows automatically

Pete has made skeptics into believers before, and he'll do it again for you. Download this Vook today!

• Rich Social Media functionality
• Updated Table of Contents
• Video sharing functionality
• UI Enhancements: easier text navigation
• Fixed difficult swiping
• Fixed occasional video crashing
• Reduced load times
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更新日時:2024年5月19日 20時23分




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