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開発者Emagine Web Consulting
リリース日2010-04-02 05:59:56
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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*** On sale for a limited time! ***

e-Task is a simple, yet robust online and mobile project management tool with lots of great features including the ability for you (and your teammates if you have them) to:
Track your Leads
Maintain Client information
Manage your Projects
Track your Tasks and Time
Establish and maintain employee Timesheets
and More.

The app automatically syncs with an e-task.net web account and e-Task iPhone app so you can manage your information from the desktop or mobile, as well as run on demand reporting and invoicing.

e-Task is right for any company - from a one may show to large groups, e-Task will help you run your business better, relieve your stress of trying to remember what you were supposed to do, and help you bill more efficiently.
In groups, e-Task is a great collaboration tool, allowing the project manager to create employees, assign tasks, set email notifications, view timesheets, and much more.
For individuals, e-Task is an easy and efficient way to manage your own and your clients'‚ projects and tasks. From creative agencies, to lawyers, educators, health professionals, etc - if you work for a living, this app is for you!

** Please note: e-Task.net is a subscription service and the app starts you out with the first month of your subscription totaly covered! This includes unlimited use of the iPad App, Free iPhone App, and your online e-Task.net account - best of all you can add as many employees as you want! Team members can all use different platforms (iPad, iPhone, Web) and all of the data syncs to the one company account in real time!

We hope you enjoy using e-Task as much as we do!

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