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100% Deep Sleep !

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SleepUp! is a wonderful tool, just before going to sleep listening to 15 minutes can get you five times the depth of sleep.

★HD Brain wave audio
★Retina Display support
★Multitasking support
★Background Play support

★It is the only brain wave that obtains patent certification and also the most widely used sleep-assisting software that brings obvious effect.

★ Brain wave app of “SleepUp!”makes use of waveform coding that get top evaluation during the process of long-time use. At the same time, this series of brain wave employ the newest combined type wave technology and professional tools, it eliminates the side effect like headache, nausea to some users bought by tradition brain wave. The compound type brain wave makes users more safe and comfortable in listening to brain wave and brings better effect.

★“SleepUp!” is a key brain wave application by LaluzAPP that focus on brain wave study and development.

★Listening to “SleepUp!” for 15 minutes ( the default play time of the software) before getting to sleep, users will easily have a deep sleep 5-10 times than that of usual time.

★ “SleepUp!” has been tested by 300 thousand people, 95% of whom can improve sleep quality for the first time. By using continuously, users can improve sleep quality 5 times.

★ The accompanying function of sleep record of “SleepUp!” can track sleep quality everyday. You will be delighted to experience the improvement of sleep quality.

★Dangers of long-term light sleep★
-accelerate ageing
-lower immune system
-metabolic disturbance
-affect thinking and learning efficiency

★Assisting role of brain wave δ to “deep sleep” ★
There are four kinds of brain waves, α wave, β wave, θ wave and δ wave, which determines respectively study, memory, attention, and rest of human beings, etc. of which δ wave is called the biological brain wave of best sleep state, behind which there are 10000 subconscious orders to guide brain wave into δ wave that can get reach deep sleep.

★Principle of “SleepUp!” ★
“Deep sleep” can be realized by playing audio with α wave and δ wave. At first, through α wave, it can make the user relax, then help user’s brain wave synchronous with δ wave (deep sleep state).
“SleepUp!” combining the well-known δ brain wave technology help people get into a SleepUp! rapidly. Continuous application can effectively eliminate the troubles brought by insomnia.

★Effects of using “SleepUp!” ★
- improve sleep quality greatly
- fall asleep easily
- fall into a deep sleep quickly
- improve dreaminess and light sleep
- eliminate physical fatigue and keep energetic in the day time
- eliminate brain fatigue
- improve complexions

★Available for the group★
-light sleeper or people who have trouble getting to sleep
-people who wake frequently or have poor sleep quality
-people who are easy to be agitated or have long-term mental fatigue
-businessmen who are in high tension at work and can not get relax after sleep

★Cautions: ★
1. Please read “using help” carefully before use.
2. For the people who use brain wave product for the first time, 5-10 min for each playing time is appropriate.

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