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Need to give a world-class presentation, sales pitch, or school report? With Present Pad, your iPad is your slide deck—or portfolio, or sales brochure …

Present Pad knows that presentations rarely go exactly according to plan, so it knows how to adapt to give the best presentation possible: it displays your presentation in a flexible grid to allow you to present your slides in whatever order the situation calls for, it quickly jumps between different parts of the presentation, and it transitions easily between showing you all your slides and showing a single slide.

★ New and Noteworthy Business App on 7/1/2010 ★
★ Number 1 Free US Business App 9/19/2010 ★

Present Pad arranges the slides in a grid. Lay out your main presentation horizontally, and add detail or backup slides vertically—no more cramming backup slides at the end of your deck. Or, lay out your artwork or photography portfolio as a grid, grouping similar work together. However you choose to lay out your presentation, you can zoom in to a single slide and swipe in any direction to navigate to adjacent slides.

Creating a new presentation is simple. Use your favorite presentation editor (Powerpoint, Keynote, etc), and save your presentation as a PDF. You can then import the PDF to Present Pad via email, iTunes, or Dropbox.

When your presentation is finished, use the full-screen view to present it right on your iPad. If you’re presenting to a large audience, connect your iPad to a projector and control your presentation using the presenter display (requires the iPad Dock Connector to VGA adapter). The presenter display shows you your full grid of slides, allowing you to jump from the current slide to any other slide in your deck, allowing you to play your presentation like a jazz pianist plays the piano.

Using Present Pad, you can:
• Import slides created with Powerpoint, Keynote, or presentation software capable of exporting to PDF via email, iTunes, or Dropbox.
• Scroll through your presentation, add new slides, and arrange your slides by simply dragging them on the presentation grid.
• Zoom in to a single slide and swipe to switch to adjacent slides.
• Be confident you will never lose your work -- presentations are automatically saved whenever you make a change.
• Show your slides on a large screen by attaching your iPad to an external display or projector with the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter (sold separately). Use the presenter display to view the current slide or pick from any of your other slides.

iTunes Reviews:

"must buy!" - Humfreak

"If you make customer presentations you know how difficult it can be to present all the right details or quickly have additional details available to answer questions. With this simple, cool and inexpensive application you can arrange all your backup materials to be ready to provide deeper details quickly or keep the presentation at a simple level." - Tax Answers gets it right

"I use PresentPad for some time and I consider it as one of the most useful iPad applications. The ease to find a given slide, to jump to details, or to decide during the presentation to go in details or keep it short is unprecedented. I use to position the main slides in a row, and extend the subjects vertically with details. Based on the reactions of my partner I can decide to go in details (vertically) or go to the next important subject (horizontally)." - Ferenc Szakacs

Have a question, problem, or feature suggestion? Contact us at first, before leaving a review, so that we can help you resolve the problem!

You spoke, and we listened. We implemented the number one user requested feature: Present Pad now has full in-app Dropbox support! You can connect to and browse your Dropbox account from right inside the app.

We have more exciting updates based on your feedback on the way!

We'd love to hear about how you're using Present Pad at
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