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開発者Benjamin Baron
リリース日2010-03-25 10:06:47
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星5 (3人)
互換性iOS 13.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
You love your music. In fact, you have the biggest collection of albums and individual songs of anyone you know and you listen to your playlists as often and for as long as you possibly can. Now, thanks to iSub Music Streamer, you’re enjoying your favorite songs everywhere you go, even at work or on a long plane ride.

iSub is an incredible app that lets you stream all of that music—even your concert recordings, DJ mixes, and audio books—from your home computer directly to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad over WiFi and mobile data.

iSub streams your music from any Subsonic compatible server (Subsonic, Airsonic, Madsonic, and others). There’s no central service to rely on and it's all your own music, so you never have to worry about songs randomly going missing when their licensing runs out like on some streaming services.

It doesn’t matter the size or file format of your collection; iSub can handle it all thanks to native support for popular lossless and lossy file formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, and OPUS. Save your limited mobile data when on the go thanks to Subsonic’s ability to transcode your songs to a lower bitrate as they play, and listen to your high-resolution lossless FLAC files when at home or on a WiFi connection.

iSub isn’t just about listening, either. You can easily search, browse, and edit your playlists right from you device, shuffle songs and albums, view your latest additions and far more! The current and next song caches automatically as you play, saving you money on your data plan. You can even cache whole albums over WiFi without having to play them, so you can be ready for that long plane ride.

Customize your music experience and make it just the way you want it. Don’t just get force fed music like some other apps. With iSub, you're in control of your music!

Check out the amazing features you get when you download iSub Music Streamer:

- Native support for MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, and OPUS files!
- Gapless playback!
- Full parametric equalizer!
- Works over WiFi and cellular data
- Streams directly from your home computer to your device, no service to rely on
- Universal app: buy once and use on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
- Skip within tracks while they stream even when transcoding
- Can lower bitrate to save bandwidth when on the go
- Search your collection for albums, artists and songs from the Home tab
- Shuffle your whole collection with the press of a button
- Easily find your newest album additions
- Caches current and next songs to your device as you play for the best performance
- Cache songs when on WiFi without having to play them
- Create custom playlists from your device and save them back to your server
- Save bookmarks to go back to your favorite spot in a long recording or album
- Supports AirPlay and Bluetooth speakers to listen with friends

If you love music, this is the ultimate app for you. Download iSub Music Streamer now!

Version 4.0.1:
- Fixed crash when sharing app logs
- Improved visibility of Jukebox mode
- Fixed a few small user interface issues in Settings

Version 4.0.0:
- Fully compatible with iOS 14 including Dark Mode
- Native support for all of the latest devices and screen sizes
- Fixed all reported crashes after extensive public beta testing
- Lots of little fixes and improvements
- Updated the internals to bring everything up to the latest iOS standards so that iSub will continue to function well on new iOS releases for many years to come
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更新日時:2021年1月27日 09時37分




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