Weapons Arts 1: Filipino Combat Stick Fighting

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Weapon Arts is a Complete System of self defense, fighting and combat for defense, survival and preservation of life.
"The best martial arts system I have ever studied." David DeVore, Law Enforcement Officer, Bellevue, Washington.

Unlike sports martial arts, Filipino Martial Arts have no rules of engagement, time limit, nor a controlled environment to depend on. Filipino Martial Arts are street self defense oriented. Sport martial arts tend to develop habits that may not be applicable in an actual survival situation. Stick Fighting is also the national sport of the Philippines and is called Arnis, Kali and Eskrima.

This stick fighting system develops a complete method of impact weaponry that allows its practitioners to master defensive and offensive techniques in several ranges. These include largo mano (long range), medio (mid range), corto (close quarters), as well as empty hand and ground fighting. The variety of techniques includes strikes, defense, countering, trapping, locking and destruction of limbs.

Clip list (Features)
1. Twelve Striking Angles
2. Block and Check
3. Block-Check-Counter
4. Review: Striking & Block-Check
5. Review: Countering
6. Stick Description & Function
7. Footwork
8. Conclusion

Weapons Arts Filipino Stick Fighting is taught by Punong Guro Myrlino P. Hufana, the founder of World Filipino Martial Arts Association (WFMAA).

Hufana Traditional Arnis is a Filipino Martial Arts system founded and developed by Punong Guro Myrlino P. Hufana. This method of stick fighting is derived from PG Hufana's family lineage and his interpretation of the art. It is because of his extensive personal training with the late Professor Remy A. Presas that aspects of Modern Arnis can also be found within the HTAI system. Although there are a few areas of training that have been modified in order to effectively deal with modern self defense requirements, HTAI is based on the classical movement, concepts and theories of the Filipino Combative Arts. The core system continues to evolve and is based on unique training methods which continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the practitioner.

Please visit www.arnisador.com to learn more about Weapon Arts.

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It is strongly advised that protective eye gear be worn when training this or any other fast moving martial arts system based on weapons. Martial arts is a contact sport and participants are subject to injury. Protective gear does not always protect the user from injury. Self-defense is to be used as a last resort and should only be used to protect yourself or someone else from serious injury or death. It is advised that you determine you are in the proper physical condition to train with these methods. This disclaimer constitutes a legal agreement with any user of this system that holds harmless the originators and trainers of this application. All individuals are responsible for complying with local legal requirements for practice, use and transportation of martial arts equipment and weapons.

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