TraxItAll – A Goal Setting, Motivational, Habits Building, and All-in-One Daily Log / Tracking System

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Motivate yourself with TraxItAll! Its unique, three-fold tracking system gives you the simplest, most elegant way to track whatever matters to you day by day.

Push-ups, miles run, sales calls, blood sugar, stock prices, daily habits, New Year’s resolutions; whatever you want to track, you can track with TraxItAll, all in one app.

So, give TraxItAll a try; you’re worth the investment in yourself!

“My favorite app so far - In the past I had so many problems staying motivated. Being able to track my progress has helped me so much in accomplishing my goals. This app is brilliant. I love it!”


Most daily tracking apps provide you with only “Yes / No” tracking, i.e., whether you did something or not today. In contrast, TraxItAll’s patented, three-fold tracking system enables you to track “Count” and “Average” items as well.

Count items track how many times something happens on a given day:
• How many push-ups did I do?
• How many sales calls did I make?

Average items track a thing’s level on a given day:
• What was my weight?
• Blood sugar?
• The value of my 401k?

This kind of day-by-day tracking motivates you to reach your goals; it makes you accountable to yourself to do what you said you were going to do, since the numbers show you your progress in a very specific way. As we like to say, “Measurement is Motivation!” TM.


Another great feature of TraxItAll is its Daily To-Do list, with its badge count.

There are some things you want to do about every day, such as “Take Vitamins,” or “Water Plants”; only you know that these are for you. Just add them to your To-Do list in TraxItAll, and the TraxItAll badge count will show you throughout the day how many of these tasks remain to be done. It’s a really simple but very effective way to remind yourself to do your daily tasks!


Still not sure? You can watch a video demonstration of TraxItAll here:


TraxItAll follows the well-known principle that to be effective, the goals we set must be “Smart”:

• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Timely


The three-fold tracking method at the heart of TraxItAll is now patented! U.S. Patent No. 8,155,997.


• Runs great on iOS 8.
• Very effective badge count, showing you how many “To Do’s” you have left to complete today!
• No account set-up or internet connection; all tracking is done directly on your own device, and only there.
• No limit on the number of items you can track.
• Sort tracks in to different categories: Personal, Business, Health, or whatever you desire.
• Choose different "Yes/No" graphics.
• Set specific goals for each item you’re tracking.
• Add daily notes to each or your tracks, either by typing or with the iOS 8 voice-to-text feature.
• See your progress in relation to your goals on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly basis, with our “Goal Bar” report, or in statistical format.
• While in Report mode, simply flip your device to landscape mode to see a simply monthly graph of your results.
• Share your reports with family, friends, and colleagues via email.
• Back up your data via iTunes to your desktop for safe keeping.


“Best organiser app so far for me. I've trawled the app store for apps of this nature, but traxitall trumps them all. It's a 5 star app. It's like having a PA, that’s how good this application is. Well done guys.”

“Helping me maintain my resolutions. TraxItAll has given me the format for success! “

“This is one of those aps that I would just not want to be without now.”

"For the quick, simple, yet effective tracking of those things I want to keep track of several times a day or week, TraxItAll has become my app of choice."

"Was instantly useful as soon as i downloaded it.

• This version of TraxItAll works great with iOS 8, and includes the ability to dictate your notes using the iOS voice-to-text feature.
• To see how to get started with TraxItAll, check out the "Getting Started Help" within the app; to access it, tap on the "i" in the upper-right corner of the first screen you see.
• We've also added some brief Intro videos; visit to watch those.

• We very much appreciate your App Store reviews.
• If you find that TraxItAll helps you, please tell your friends and colleagues about it!
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