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開発者Douglas Dyer
リリース日2010-04-11 05:49:08
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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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feedHopper 5.4 is here. It has an updated iOS7 UI.

When searching and viewing article and podcast lists, you can now filter on tags. This is great for revisiting articles based on a common theme important to you the reader. A time filter is also available, limiting articles by date such as 'the last 7 days'.

Visit our forum for details, we'd love to answer any questions you have and are open to suggestions:

feedHopper RSS Reader is built from the ground up to be an iPad-centric richly-featured news feed and podcast app.

Enjoy reading your favorite blog, news, or listen to your podcasts offline, on the iPad in one central application just like you would your email. With the press of a button, all of your blog and news sites are checked for updates, which are then downloaded into feedHopper for searching and reading. Even podcasts can be auto-downloaded for you or streamed on demand.

Can't remember where that article was? Use the pervasive search and tagging feature: Search article titles and content from any feed, or from your entire feedHopper database. Filter on tags and time!

And don't worry about deleting old articles for space, feedHopper purges old information to make room for newer articles. You can customize how many articles to keep per feed.

Does your feed or podcast subscription require URL authentication? No problem. Want to hide options from your kids (such as the ability to email)? No problem. There are loads of features inside. Want to customize a blog title or icon? Piece of cake!

Are you an existing RSS reader? Import and export feeds to/from other applications (OPML)

Use the built-in discovery feature for locating blogs or news by category. Or use the feed scan tool to see if your favorite websites offer any.

There are much more features under the hood. Stop by our forum over at www.dyerware.com if you have any questions!

>> Easy to use controls, and a designed-for-iPad GUI, including multitouch gestures.
>> Compatible with a wide variety of RSS formats and sites
>> Folders (categories), each with its own 'all unread articles' and 'downloads' lists
>> Tags!
>> Reading Mode (like safari reader, or instapaper!).. even offline
>> River of News style reading or traditional
>> Email, Tweet, Instapaper, Facebook, Read It Later, Tumblr, Pinboard, Evernote support
>> Full widescreen reading for landscape users
>> Podcast support, including authenticated streams and offline playback, download manager, cover art, track play, ad-skip, and more!
>> Plays podcast tracks in the correct order (oldest to newest)
>> Create full-text articles and many other power-features

You can contact support directly within the app, including links to our support forum.

So give it a shot. Don't like something, give us a shout. Our goal is to be your favorite app.

An updated new look for iOS 7.0
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