Letters to God

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開発者FutureSoft, Inc.
リリース日2010-03-23 10:43:59
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星3 (10人)
互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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The Letters to God App was inspired by the movie, Letters to God. The revolving globe maps out public prayers from around the world. The color of the points represent the mood selected by the author of the letter. To date we have received over 255,000 letters with the latest 4,000 letters displayed on the globe. The latest 400 letters are animated.

We review each letter marked as public to make sure it is appropriate for all ages. We will never post letters that directly blasphemy God. It is one thing to question God’s existence and quite another to simple curse God and put down believers.

Our mission is to allow people to not only write their prayers down, but allow them to share their prayers publicly. All prayers public or private are saved under the “My Letters” tab. At anytime you can see how many people have prayed for any given letter and see written prayer responses to your letters. Any letter you read allows you to “Respond” by either sending a silent prayer or writing a prayer and words of encouragement that will appear in users “My Letters” tab attached to the prayer you are responding to.

Key features:

• Push notifications when new letters are posted or someone sends you a silent pray.

• Send silent or written prayers in response to other letters.

• Touch any point on the globe and read letters in that area.

• Search letters for names or words.

• “My Letters” tab contains all your letters and a count on how many people have prayed for your letter and letters people have written in response to your letter.

• Resource tab with common questions and the scriptures that relate to them.

• A map appears behind each letter showing the location of the letter if the writer gives it. We do not display zoomed in detail to protect the writer.

• Each letter has a mood setting that you can use to reflect the mood of the letter.

• The globe displays the location of all public letters with the color of the point reflecting the mood.

The free version of Letters To God App is funded by ads. Ads can be removed at anytime by going to “More” and selecting “Join The Community” the small onetime fee helps fund the future development costs of Letters to God App.

- New user login system
- Ability to report public letters that violate the app Terms & Privacy rules
- bug fixes
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更新日時:2023年3月28日 17時52分




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