CISSP Practice For Dummies

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Prepare to pass that all-important CISSP exam – the fun and easy way!

CISSP certification boosts your standing as a security professional, and this app is packed with the study and practice tools you need to help you pass the test and earn your certification with flying colors.

A fully updated guide to the CISSP, this must-have app is the perfect addition to your test prep toolbox. Packed with study questions on everything from network security to physical security to security management, cryptography, disaster recovery, and more, this app will reinforce what you’ve already learned and help you gain valuable test-taking experience on all the topics covered in the CISSP exam.

App Features:

Full-Featured Practice Test - 400 Questions - simulates the actual test-taking experience and helps you prepare for the real thing – choose from 10, 25, 60, 250, and 400 question tests and customize the length of each practice session to fit your study schedule

Useful Test-Taking Tips provide an overview of the CISSP security exam, guidance on scheduling your test, advice on what to expect on exam day, and information on how your exam will be scored

Automatic scoring at the end of each of the 10 categories lets you assess your test-readiness. The ability to flag and then review only flagged questions gives you the flexibility to personalize your study plan

Detailed analytics including quiz history and category strengths and weaknesses allow you to monitor your progress and focus on those areas of greatest need

Countdown timer for YOUR CISSP Test Date gives you a daily reminder on the app homescreen of how many days you have left to practice for the CISSP exam

As a busy professional, your time is precious. CISSP Practice for Dummies allows you to optimize your study time and get the score you deserve on test day.

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Major revision including:
Updated materials with a total of 400 practice questions
Simpler user interface
Topic Strength analytics
iPhone 5 support
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