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Warming up your voice is important before musical theatre auditions or other vocal performances -- not only will it help you hit those high and low notes, but thoroughly warming up your voice brings you the feeling of being prepared, and that feeling can make or break your performance.

VocalU.com produces tools for vocal performers, and this app is the iphone version of our successful "Vocal Warm-Ups: On the Way" CD, with special new features only available on the iphone!

Why use this app?

*Learn a variety of fun vocal warmup routines backed by years of experience, designed by singers for singers -- you'll sing along with a recorded group of fellow singers, or you can choose to just warm up solo with only the piano and the vocal teacher giving advice

*Try your hand at top tongue twisters that help your diction and loosen you up

*Check your pitch by finding your starting note and hearing it played for you with our Starting-Note Finder

*Read up on tips for auditions and vocal performance, with ongoing updated content from our vocal blog at vocalu.com

*Save time: no boring instructional monologues! Just warm up and energize along with the group

*It's easy to learn & sing along with -- warm-ups start with the basics, then build for every voice type

We've designed this app based on feedback from singers just like you -- what they wanted, we built. We hope you enjoy our app as a useful mobile accompaniment for musical theatre, choir, or just about any other vocalist!

Got an idea you'd like to see in the app? Contact us inside the app and let us know, and we'll consider it for future development.

Thank you -- we hope you getting a standing ovation at your next vocal performance!

Hey everybody, this is a major update, based on YOUR comments, requests, and suggestions, and I think you're really going to like the changes. In this update:

* Massively shortened the "chatter" before all warmups and tongue twisters, while still leaving the instructions for new listeners (people really wanted this changed! Voila!)
* Added a new "next warmup" button feature, allowing you to easily skip ahead to the next warmup
* Cleaned up the audio for the starting note finders notes -- no more "ghost notes"
* Added additional "news and guides" articles

I'm also considering breaking out the tongue twisters into individual tracks, and adding new/additional tongue twister tracks. If you support this and these other updates, please take a moment to leave a positive review of the app via the app store. As always, thanks for your continued support and use!

Ron Evans
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